Differences on UMVC3 between PS3 and 360

Ive been playing UMVC3 on PS3 for awhile now and recently Ive gotten a 360 copy. I dont know if its a placebo effect but I feel like my movement (plink dashing) and combos are alot more consistent on 360 than the PS3. If this is true should I exclusively play the 360 version for better overall training results?

no, because if you only train on the one system, if you go to where they hold the events on PS3, you will be a fish outta water.

The general consensus is that the xbox port way done better. However, like Jason said, you should probably practice on both if you have both. For example, my scene only runs on PS3 just because that’s what we have…

Minor input delay timing differences, speed slowdowns on certain stages or animations, combined with potential differences in TV’s input lag times.

Train on whatever setup your local tournament, or major tournament, uses.