Differences in sf4 between systems

I occasionally get to play on a 360 elite and have noticed a few differences. Most notably, when a a match is loading, it sometimes freezes briefly on the vs screen (where the two character portraits are shown.) I am wondering if this is normal.

(I missed the discussion of the differences between the systems since I was locked in already. If someone could link to some general threads on the matter, that would be helpful.)

Yeah, the brief “freezing” is normal. I believe that’s just the 360 loading from the disc, which you don;t typically notice on the PS3 unless you have not installed it on your HDD yet (Which you should!).

Other than that, I think the 360 version runs at like, 1/600th of a second faster or something equally meaningless. Also, allegedly the Diner at Night stage will suffer slow-down from time to time using certain moves.

Aside from that, they’re identical.

The speed difference is not meaningless, albeit small.

which version runs the same speed as the arcade version?

The speed difference is small enough to be meaningless. It’s not enough to put anybody off. The more recently discovered difference in input delay looks like it could put people off occasionally though.

So the difference between the PS3 and 360 is 1 frame every 25 seconds (1500 frames), with the 360 being faster.

That means each 360 frame is 1/1500th of a frame faster than the PS3. That’s 10 microseconds. If that’s not meaningless, I don’t know what is.

Plus, nobody has done an arcade comparison, so it’s impossible to say whether the 360 or the PS3 is the more accurate version anyway.

can you elaborate/link more about the input delay difference?