Differences between X360 and PS2 Versions of KOF 2002UM Tougeki?

I was reading the Raging Storm Minnesota thread:


…And it seems a lot of people are saying the 360 version feels different than the PS2, with most people preferring the PS2 version.

For me, as a pad player and 360 hater, obviously my opinion is going to be biased as the default 360 pad sucks shit and the only half-decent XBOX pad, the SF4 Fight Pad, is definitely not suited to KOF2002UM. So that means when I play on 360 I have to use a converter which is going to add quite of bit of input lag for me no matter what, so my opinion doesn’t really have merit in noticing actual differences.

But for stick players who actually have 360 and PS2 sticks, what do you notice?
It’s long been my theory that the next-gen systems like PS3 and 360 simply have more innate input lag than the PS2, and that could be why are saying they feel differences.

Is there any indication though that the PS2 and 360 versions of Tougeki are different, in terms of speed or gameplay?

Should PS2 be the universal console tournament standard?

After reading the posts on that topic, it seems that the problem is that they don’t have enough converters for either system to make it comfortable for people who play on the 360 but can’t play on a PS2 pad and vice versa for the people who play on the PS2 and not on the 360.

I’ve read from people who have played both versions and they have said there are no differences. It’s the same game.

If the game itself is the same, what about system input lag?

If you can’t quantify how the game is “off” (input errors, or whatever) then I’m more inclined to think it’s placebo and tears. That, or bad adapters. There are a couple of good adapters for PS2-360 but they require a piggybacked controller.

fwiw I can’t tell the diff.


every time this comes up i have to say the same thing. the 360 version is more arcade perfect since the ps2 tougeki version still has bugs not in the arcade version (in fact, the only differences are menu aestetics). the differences are trivial anyways , so play on whats more accessible.

OK, KOF 2002 UM Tougeki will be on PS2 for Final Round out of convenience and the fact that the player base in my experience much prefers PS2.
Besides, you don’t have to fuck around with sign-in profiles in PS2 to make sure the EX characters are loaded.