Differences between bloody roar 3 and 4

hi , just wanted to know if there are any differences between bloody roar 3 and 4…i know that there are glitches in part 4 but beside that is there anything else?

Bloody Roar 4 is an unfinished beta in america. Just get 3. Japan used us for a testing ground for br4, then later released the complete version in Japan. This is the case every time a japanese company releases a game in america first.

and is there any difference in the gameplay itself? and graphics?

I know the American version isn’t worth picking up, but is the Japanese version any good? As far as bloody roar games go, that is…

If you can find it, it’s more than likely WAY better. The extra beast drives might already be added without you needing dna mode. This is just speculation because, although this game HAS come out in Japan, the american version was so disappointing that nobody has yet had the balls to buy it, despite how much better the japanese Primal Fury was compared to the american version.

JPN BR4 still isn’t worth it. Just so you all know.

I found the easiest way to run through DNA Mode to get to your extra beast drive for everyone just to see what the fuss was about. Once I got everyone’s, and realized how stupid some of them are, then sold the game because there’s shit else to do in the game.

Its not the most popular fighter, but i enjoyed the bloody roar games alot. I love the beast changing gimmick.

The last one, BR4 was kinda lame though. The transformations were pretty bland and lacked that coolness about them, that the previous ones had. Plus you could go straight into animal mode and didn’t have to worry about using up meter and changing back, which took some amount of fun out of the gameplay.

Also the music/stages/graphical aspects in a few of the games kinda sucked, with that stagnant feel to them.

I wish they’d make a DBZ 3D fighter with the same basic gameplay style. Only instead of animals, the character can turn SSJ when the meter is built up.

It’s sad that BR4 offered nothing much more than BR3…the BR series has\had so much potential.WTF was up with the new characters.Ryuho& Mana were fuckin’ worth less,Nagi was cool but wtf is a Spurious,and Reiji was cool but he was too much like Cronos.The storyline was shitty too.I hope BR5 comes out and it’s not a total piece of shit, I would like to have more BR games.

The series is OVER. Hudson took down the japanese site and said during like, June of this year that there will be no more Bloody Roar games, effectively ending the franchise. Started out strong, went out with this sorry-ass game…

ye i also love the bloody roar games and think they are great… bloody roar while doesnt have much depth but its a game where true good players can dial up amazing combos , but BR4 just was bad… the fact that every time you turned into animal your ass was saved and your life bar wasnt at risk that just made you and your oponnent to change into animal form every second and that was just soooo lame, i enjoy a lot playing bloody roar and bloody roar 2 , tried to get BR3 but its impossible to find it

Alright, thanks for the tips. Ive seen BR4 on shelves here, and was debating picking it up. If everyone says its lame though, then im not gonna bother.

Yeah, there’s many reasons why that shit is still on shelves, and it definitely ain’t about the age of the game.

Another thing that pissed me off was the different, FORCED guard styles each character had(unless you went DNA mode), and fighting the higher difficulty CPU chars that had the “dodge->autocounter” type heavy guard because the second the slow attack in your string comes out you get CH XX juggle(and if they weren’t a beast already they’d transform sometime during the juggle) XX Beast Drive for free. Can’t count how many rounds I lost from that shit.

Also, starting with beast was the dumbest thing ever. Hell, you could have almost no energy left, turn beast then whiff a beast drive and automatically be back in the game. BULLSHIT.

Don’t get me started on the new Hyper Beast mode.

I saw or read at madmans cafe that bloody roar 3 japanese version has nude mode, with the use of gameshark or something so pick part 3:wink: :sweat:

Not nude mode, just a debug mode where you can pose the characters any way you want. there were some pictures a few years ago. The things I saw that rabbit doing…

I got a later addition of BR3 (no debug mode) - I kinda liked the series, had some interesting characters and ideas…shame it burned out as soon as it did.

BR4 JP has debug mode.

by the way which game do you think us better bloody roar 3 or dead or alive 2:hardcore?