Differences between 3s and 2i?

Just played it today and here are some I notice:


-strong -> fierce -> jab srk is not linkable
-two jab srk’s dont link in the corner


  • swing back blow is a weird ass drop down punch or something :confused:
  • cant juggle his down rh in the same way you can in 3s
  • down rh -> foward duck under doesnt connect


  • tottally different moveset???

What are some other important differences?

2I is more fun, has sf-relevant backgrounds (Necro’s has elements that hint at what went into his creation, as well as the scientist from sf: the movie), and a larger top tier, Ibuki is hella fun to use and Sean is awesome.

3s is still fun, but not as much, backgrounds are lackluster and generally not as exciting (this happens in the third game in every Capcom series), small top tier: Chun and Ken. Ibuki = no more target combo into close Hashin Sho or Yoroi Idoshi…generally not as fun to use anymore, Sean sucks. Not terribly, but compared to what he was. [Mufasa’s ghost]Simba…look at yourself…you are not what you COULD be.[/Mufasa’s ghost] Elena not as vocal as before (lost her “Yah-HAH!” sound sample for the last kick of her Brave Dance), but gains the Lynx Tail, which is fun as hell. Necro’s voice is now all fucked up-sounding, like he got kicked in the balls, and that leads to the loss of a cool duet where he and Effie sing during a winpose (before they had perfect harmony, now it sounds like a woman screaming while 2 cats fuck), and Necro and Effie are now out of sych when they say “Outta my way!”. Needless changes. There’s more gameplay stuff, but I get used to stuff like that too quickly for it to be an issue. Asthetics are what stick out for me.

Not to be rude, but i’m more interested in gameplay differences than that stuff.

Also I forgot to mention that I noticed that throwing is not command anymore, so kara throws are gone.

The key gameplay change here was that Ibuki was fucking broken.

down,down+any button for an overhead attack.
HP+HK does a taunt in both games.

what i noticed today was Yang’s crouching MP isn’t a low attack, standing HK is exactly like yun’s standing HK, and…i dont play this game enough to know many differences.

Too many to mention.

  • No red parries, which means chipping and target chains are safer.
  • Parry timing is different and air parries can be done in one of two ways.
  • Old school throwing system, so no karas.
  • Ibuki Hashin Sho is the 2I equivalent of 3S Shippu: quick charge and can be comboed off ANYTHING.
  • Urien had even more juggle potential in 2I and had some ridiculous damage/stun damage combos.
  • Sean is 2nd tier in 2I. SRK isn’t totally worthless, big combos off of regular/EX Tornados, normals aren’t totally raped.
  • Gouki’s dive kick is ridiculous in 2I.
  • Yun/Yang have the same set of normals.

And here’s the big one… the reason why I’ve been playing a lot of 2I lately:

  • No Chun.

2i actually has a smaller top tier than 3s… 2i top tier is Akuma and Ibuki, everyone else is just an afterthought. at least 3s has yun lol. and hashin sho is way better than shippu, it did more damage, and can launch afterwards.

hashin sho is the fireball super, right?

if it is, god damn :lame:

Hey wonder if 2i had Genei Jin and if it was as good?


it does have it. its not as good as 3s though because you had so little options to get your opponent to juggle.

necro was more beastly in 2i. some differences with 2i necro and 3s necro:

  • db + fierce punch was the b + fierce punch in 3s.
  • df + fierce punch was the db + fierce punch in 3s.
  • df fierce punch (or db + fierce punch in 3s) was extremely safe becauae it acts like a snap back.
  • his drill kick (dive kick) does infinite hits and has the same recovery properties
  • has the same juggle properties after ES.
  • b + lk -> standing mp is still present.
  • standing mp can connect to any move. 3s has lost that property.
  • df + fierce punch (db + fierce punch in 3s) juggles that you would expect to do on urien and alex does not work in this version.
  • necro is 25% faster than 3s.

urien sucks.

  • violence kneedrop is slow on startup and slow overall.
  • unblockable doesn’t exist.
  • fireball can’t be delayed by holding down the disired punch button.
  • ex chariot charge doesn’t juggle properly if you choose to do so.

hugo was pretty good.

gouki was all old school. didn’t have the dp + k and didn’t have the SA X.

yun wasn’t as good as yang.

  • yun had the exact same anti-air as yang.
  • some normal moves have the same animations.
  • yang’s cr + lk can combo into cr + mk.
  • these brothers can kara their command throws. yang’s kara was cr. fk as well as yun.
  • yun’s genei jin had only one option to get your opponent to juggle, and that was the dp mp shoulder move. and also, the juggle system when using yun was fucked up.

shoto’s all had this problem:

  • FULL animation when doing cr fk.

dudley had an extra special move that was removed in 3s:

  • iirc, i think the command was charge down then up + punch.

ryu was fucking violent:

  • TWO Denjin Super Bars
  • fp shoryuken was two hits when on the ground.


  • you can still charge partition or buffer in this game


  • swing back blow is a weird ass drop down punch or something

man, that was his best shit, it be cool if he kept that move = extended his mixup game

alex was really bad in 2i …

yang has 2 raishin mahaken …

Urien still can juggle >__> …

ken’s infamous EX-hurricane ->> SA3 …

edit :
just watch some 2i videos at combovideos.com

and …yang got his forward -> palm thrust …

Instead of Ken,Chun and Yun raping everyone its Ibuki and Akuma.

uh no, the move was completely predictable and worthless. even if the move connects and the opponent doesnt block, the opponent can still get free damage cuz the recovery is so horrible. absolutely worthless in every way.

and for the record, it was ibuki, akuma and sean for tops

Yeah I remember seeing really good Ibuki, her combos were gay, he was doing like 12 hit ground combos. I remember also seeing a Hugo infinite.

The fact is 2nd sucks ass. No one should play it. And wasnt Oro the best in the 1st SF3?

biggest difference?

Sean was actually GOOD in Second Impact…
Now he’s a joke character in 3rd strike :sad: :shake:

Yun’s best super was SA2.

Most people will immediatly think of “Ibuki 60% damage ground combos” when thinking of this game. The remainder will think of Akuma rushdown.

Ryu 2 stock denjin was also good because no red parries were allowed. Fireball (blocked) XX Denjin charged to 2 or 3 if you were fast enough was guranteed in the corner. He was definately much more of a rushdown character if you played SA3 and many of his rounds were won due to stun.

I remember Urien had a weird animation for his standing strong in 2I. It looks like he is spazzing out. :rofl:

I also remeber being able to EX the universal over heads (Down, Down, Two punches) but it never did anything special. :confused:

I might have 2 start play 2I again on DC just 2 see what it was like again

Word. It’s also waaay more fun to hit someone in 2nd Impact. There are personal (directed to specific people) endquotes. Akuma/Ibuki/Sean got nerfed. Yang was so much fun. Shit, if it wasn’t for a bigger roster and better music, I wouldn’t play 3s at all.