Difference between springs?

Im going to be ordering a new spring for my madcatz te to stiffen it up a bit and have seen all the threads stating to put the seimitsu spring inside the stock one. Some threads say an ls-32 some say an ls-33 and lizardlick has both available. Which should I be using to ensure it fits inside the stock spring? Will either work, assuming the 33 is just a tad stiffer than the 32?

Depends on what kind of stiffness you want.

LS-32 and LS-40 can go around the JLF spring and the LS-33 and LS-55 go inside the JLF spring.

LS-33 + JLF is nice but if you want something even stiffer you could try the LS-55 + JLF.

I also heard you could use Home Depot springs.

Anyway, springs are cheap try em all if you have too.

I’m not a fan of doubling up on springs, two compressed springs create a very akward action in movement. Using a single stiffer spring is smoother and more natural feeling.

That said i use an LS-32 spring in my HRAP’s JLF, the extra stiffness is slight but noticeable.

Get an LS-55 spring if they have it. It feels very solid and does not require doubling up to be effective.

I’d rather do a complete replacement than the doubling up method as well. So an ls-55 and completely replace the stock spring? Sounds like a plan. Wasnt sure how the fit would be on that one. ty for the info.

I bought LS-55 spring for my JLF but it was WAY TOO Tight, I could barely move the stick around. I personally dont recommend it.

okay so which would be a slightly stiffer replacement then without having to double-up the springs please?
I want a bit more stiffness in it but I also dont want to cramp my hand/wrist after 10 minutes of playing :D.

You should intertwine the springs when you use two, not compress them one on top of the other. I bet that feels terrible. :slight_smile:

I’m sensitive to minor changes in stick/button feel, and never had any feel issues with double springs when they were one inside the other (with different sizes of springs) or intertwined (2 of the same size spring).

A single LS-32 spring is a little stiffer than the stock JLF spring, like FunkyP said. Small changes have a big overall difference in feel. The nice thing about LS-33 springs is how light they are; when you want to make small changes they work well.

The LS-55 spring is significantly stiffer, but everyone’s got their own idea of what feels right. If it is too stiff with a ball top, it might feel perfect with a bat top.

Just get a LS-33 spring, a LS-32, spring and a LS-55 spring. No one can tell you what you will end up preferring.

Currently I’ve been putting LS-55 springs in my Ascii Optical sticks because the lack of resistance due to not having switches.

Yeah guess Ill just order a few different ones, Not like they are expensive. Also Robo’s comment made me think about an ls-55 as part of my order will indeed include a bat top and adaptor. Was just trying to avoid messing with that damn lil’ clip on the bottom of the stick more than once, lol.

Again ty for the infos. Very helpful.

That’s what Chad pays me for. While you’re at it you should get a few Seimitsu sticks to try out too. :bgrin:

Actually you just reminded me, I should’ve gotten some spare E-clips with my last order. Every time one of those little bastards has shot across the room I’ve found them, but I know one day one will disappear.

LOL, that was going to be part of the order as well :slight_smile:
I remember working with those things on rc cars and I know I’m gonna lose one.

Quick update. Got my bat top and my springs from LL today :D.

Installed the ls-33 spring in place of the stock one and it’s just what I was looking for. Not too stiff but adds just that extra bit of resistance I was looking for. My dashing has increased tenfold from the spring/bat top replacement. I can actually FADC now somewhat :smiley:

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the input guys.

I really didn’t seen it else where, so i ask here, what would be recommended spring wise to mod a Sanwa JLW?

JLW? I’d probably go LS-55. I see people say it’s too stiff, I just got mine in the mail today and I find it a tad bit too loose. It feels looser than a doubled up JLF+LS-33, maybe I Just need to break it in.

So the LS-33 makes it feel stiffer? On Lizard lick reviews said it felt less stiff? HMMM I want to stiffen my JLF a bit guess I have to search more. Possibly add a LS-33 to my JLF spring?

Just visually comparing the ls-33 to the stock spring you can see it’s both longer (meaning more compression) and a touch thicker.
Regarding the lizardlick reviews, ONE person out of eleven said it felt lighter than the stock spring.
One said he wasnt sure if it was or not.
One said it felt lighter than an american stick (which are stiff as heck).
The other 8 all said it was stiffer than the original, and I can confirm that myself. :slight_smile:

Yeah thanks I saw the video of adding a ls-33 with the stock spring is a medium stiffness stick! I will add one in combination with my stock JLF. Thanks

I put 3 intertwined home depot springs in all my jlf’s. :smiley:

Wow the LS-33 spring inside a JLF spring is amazing! Its just perfect!