Difference between SFIV and SSFIV fightsticks?

I am sorry if there are already threads about this, but I searched and found none. Now, the topic is self explanatory.
I want to finally try and start playing with a stick. I have decided on a TE one, and I might be able to get a pre-owned one kind of cheap. It’s a SSFIV one. I assume it is not inferior to its SFIV counterpart? If it is, I might put some extra cash out and get the latter instead.

It just looks different and has a better PCB that allows you to lock the Start, select/back and the Home button.

Ah, alright! I thought it was smaller and lighter (but didn’t know whether to take that as a good, bad or neutral thing).
Thanks for the help!

The white sections produding from the side in the R1 and R2 TEs aren’t there - it’s not as wide by nearly as much as that. It also doesn’t have a bezel around the edge of the top, so art is edge to edge.

your not confusing one of the sticks your talking about with an se fight stick are you?

The sf4 fightsticks are better

Yuri, would you mind elaborating?

To previous poster: No, I am not confusing it with the SE one, hehe.

You should read the Intro, Rules Tutorials & Info thread. That way, you would know that we already have a thread with the differences between T.E.s.