Difference between SF3:TS and SSF4:AE

I played Third Strike for the first time a couple days ago and I must say, it feels so much more reactive and thus fun to me, it’s ridiculous. Does AE really have such a huge input delay or is it just me?
Linking in TS is easy as fuck, but in AE it is haaard.

Seriously, is it just me (my computer or something in my setup) or is there really such a huge difference between the two, regarding input delay?

I am watching this thread already.

Care to explain? I can only guess that I did something wrong, but even then, I dont really know what.

most of the differences are obvious enough that you can trust yourself to decide without needing an explanation from people who probably don’t know much more than you do. if the fun factor is enough to offset the reduced comp associated w/ older games for you, then play 3rd Strike. what kind of explanation would change your mind? there isn’t a huge difference in input delay. if anything, sf4 might have less compared to old cps-based games, but i dunno. if the game feels sluggish it’s not for that reason.

Well, I want to find out if my SSF4AE maybe could run better, because yes, it does feel sluggish as hell. This has nothing to do which of the two I will play, I enjoy them both.

However, it can’t be my in-game settings, so Im just wondering what else it could be. I think that’s legitimate.

problem is not input delay. SF4 requires ridiculously precise input commands regarding buttons presses, even for the easiest links.

you’re playing SSF4 on PC? IIRC vsync on PC SSF4 adds some severe input lag. might be part of it.

anyway they’re fundamentally different games. one might appeal to you while the other might not. they reward different skillsets. comparing 3s to anything on SRK is baiting a long drawn out argument though. lol.

What? SF4 is pretty much the most lenient Capcom game ever.

the difference?
3S is the best fighter ever, and the most fun.
cant say the same for sf4.

but hey, 3S isnt for everyone.

lenient regarding input directions and specials (easiest shoryuken ever)
but regarding links where input timing with attack buttons is required, it is a beast to master.

3S mechanics are different than SF4 in links, so the best comparison would be SFA3. there links are much easier.

But SF4 requires to press the button the exact time. Considering factors like monitor lag and input delay, one would think that SF4 should be even more lenient with input timing.

Regardless of 3s, SSF4 is what’s being played right now, so lets stfu about 3s already

Idiots like you give 3S a bad name.

One frame links?
lol just plink, makes it waaaay easier.
Hell, one frame links aren’t even that hard, you don’t have to plink at all if you decide not to.

that’s not true.

maybe the input delay is from your graphic settings
when you do the benchmark thing do you get 60 fps
3s does not require a strong computer to process so it will be smother on pc

Every time I read this sentence, I laugh.

It appears some of you have ADHD. But oh well, I suppose it really is just slower… which is odd.

It might more reactive due to the speed difference between the games tricking you into believing it is. It could also be your computer isn’t running SF4 at a decent frame rate due to its higher performance requirements.

Linking can be difficult in both games, depending on how tight the link is. Generally S4 is considered easier due to input leniency and plinking. Not sure if 3s has plinking, I don’t believe it does, but I find the difficult links pretty hard to hit consistencly in that game.
Different people have different ideas on what a ‘fun’ game is. I say if you like 3s more than SF4, then play 3s.