Difference between Hori v4 Kai & Hori v4 Hayabusa?

What exactly is the difference between the two? they are both for ps3/ps4/pc, but are they different? or exactly the same just different names sold in different regions?

I’m deciding between the Hori fightsticks and the mad katz TE2 in preparation for SF5.

There is no such thing as a “HRAP V4 Kai”.
You should read this thread:

You need to tell Frank that

Hell I find all the new Hori Hrap stick naming scheme confusing to me.
Hence I was reluctant to update the What stick to buy thread to accommodate PS4 sticks.

No, Frank’s list is still correct.

There’s an HRAP 4 Kai
There’s an HRAP V Hayabusa
There’s an HRAP V4 Hayabusa
But there no HRAP V4 Kai

Hell yeah.
Most of it wasn’t so bad until they somewhat blurred the lines by releasing HRAP V4, HRAP 4, and HRAP V.

Yeah your right there is no HRAP V4 Kai.
I sure Hori would release one that doesn’t fit with their current naming scheme just to screw with everyone

I thought that the HRAP 4 Kai is just the North American version of the HRAP V Hayabusa. They seem to be completely identical in every way except for art.

Kai versions stick lever is further from the buttons.

Kai refers to a slightly altered layout as what Tensho stated, the stick is place further from the buttons.

There has not been a North American version of the naming scheme yet.

So are you saying that Kai is Noir layout or that it is still VEWLIX button layout with just a further distance?

The latter

Ah, I guess I figured it that way since the HRAP V is sold in Asian markets but not the Kai but the Kai is sold in NA markets but not the HRAP V.

apparently, there’s also a V5 that came out this year:

i wonder what the difference is though :\

Qustion about the widen spacing between buttons/joystick of Kai.
Unless you play with the palm up/3 finger style for holding your your joystick, the hayabusa should be perfect right? since the normal joystick holding style aren’t affected by the narrow position between the joystick and buttons.

That’s just a misnomer for the HRAP V Hayabusa. Apparently, the “V” stands for the letter and not the Roman numeral “5” but that gets everyone confused.

The HRAP V Hayabusa looks to be true VEWLIX format so, if you are used to the arcade machines and don’t want to opt for the VLX, it may be worth the extra to import the V. If it doesn’t really matter too much for you, the difference in distance really doesn’t look like that much.

Parts of the Hori naming scheme that I managed to decipher

SA - “Special Addition” Full SAnwa
SE - “Special Edition” Full SEimitsu Parts
Hayabusa (or use of the Hayabusa Kanji) - Hayabusa and Kuro parts (24mm buttons are the cheaper knock offs)

A - Astro City Layout
N - Noir Layout
V - Vewlix Layout

If a Number comes after, its sometimes the following

2 - PlayStation 2
3 - PlayStation 3
4 - PlayStation 4
X - Xbox 360
EX - Xbox 360

There is no 5. Youtube videos that call a stick the V5 are idiots who have no idea what they are talking about.

For the Xbox One the stick’s name will end with “for Xbox One” in English or Japanese

Kai - modified Vewlix layout with the joystick further from the buttons

Hrap - Hori Real Arcade Pro, part of there “more” premium line of sticks. Does not grantee authentic arcade parts.
Fightstick/FS - (examples the Fightstick VX, Figthstick V3) Mid-level stick using the crappy Hori-made knock off parts.

There is no Hrap V5. See Above.

There is the
[] HRAP 4 Kai
] HRAP V Hayabusa
[*] HRAP V4 Hayabusa

The 5 is people mistaking the V for a roman numeral 5. It is a common mistake, especially with Mainland Asian (grey market) resellers.
The link you gave us has the country code of .tw which is Taiwan.

I do not think so. Hori has yet to make a different naming scheme for the North American Market.

Hori has held products back from the US Market before, but they never changed the naming scheme for different sales regions.
I honestly do not think they are that clever with names.

Now for the European Market, I do not think Hori even cares the way they do with the US and Japanese markets.
Hori’s European market is not as prevalent, and they do not see the same potential for sales.

Tell that to Amazon…

That’s a marketplace listing, not Amazon’s. Marketplace vendors are not much better than the average ebay seller for accuracy.

True, but Amazon should still be held responsible for the accuracy of their product descriptions, at least make sure the information is right. This is one of those pre-created product descriptions that over 60 vendors are using.

How many people do you think have purchased one and think they actually have a V5?

i’m gonna go buy a hori pro v4, but how exactly does it work with the PC? i know people say taht ps3/ps4 fightsticks will work on PC, but how though? does it come with a usb? or do i need to get an adapter of some kind?

^all of them are wired. That is they all need to be connected through an USB port to the console. The same USB cable will connect to the PC when the stick is in PS3 mode