Did I get a good deal on this Sega Saturn Virtua-On Twin stick? Repair tips?


I just picked up this set of Twin Sticks. It almost seems too good to be true though, because other Twin Sticks are 80-100$ after shipping.

It seems like a good deal though, and they look to be in good condition. If they happen to come with worn out springs, does anyone have a good suggestion on replacing the springs? I’m just trying to cover my bases here.

Are you going to wait two to three months to receive?

Yeah I’m in no hurry, lol.

I always wanted a sega saturn twin stick so bad

It’s ok deal for 32 dollars. I can get for 5 dollars plus Fees and shipping total 20 dollars.

Also I found out they made same twin stick for pc using USB cable will try and get that for pc and maybe ps3 too.

Where can we obtain these at Meu’s i really want a twin stick.

How much was your actual shipping?

I get them at japan auction. Also sometimes they will have very cheap in eBay.

Gah, some people get really lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Where u located cammy I have shipment coming fro
japan and may help u get one for cheap at cost.

columbus, ohio, Id really appreciate it, Ive always wanted one if you can let me know ill save some $ back next paycheck or something