Did anyone else love the Sega Saturn d pad as much as I did?

From all my memories of playing SF alpha on it and X men vs SF, to me the sega Saturn was one of the better fighting game pads around on the market

But then again its been quite a few years so I’m probably just remembering them through some nostalgia filters… I’m tempted to go dig out my Saturn from behind those dusty card board boxes just to start up a game of SF alpha

anyone else here with me on nostalgia lane?

I remember using Saturn pads when playing on my friend’s Saturn a long time ago. Nightwarriors FTW.

I’m glad I got a Saturn pad for PS2 while they were still available. They’re too hard to find now and I really should’ve bought an extra as they were only $20 at the time >_<

It’s the only pad I’ll use when playing fighters these days unless the game only uses four main buttons.

Everybody loves the Sega Genesis and Saturn d pads.

Buttons on the saturn pad suck hard though. Tiny little things that are hard to press in.