Diagonal C-stick button?

Hi fellow modders, i’ve been tinkering with the gamcubecontroller for a while now and i just can’t seem to find out how to make a button input a diagonal c-stick input. I got the pin for downwards and left (or right not entirely sure here…). Grounding both at the same time won’t result in my desired input. What i want in long term, is to get my X Button making that input.

Couldn’t find anything on the webs, anybody know how to make it possible?

My pcb looks exactly like this one here

Charlie Chilson uploaded this image to

hi, the c stick uses an analog input. just grounding the signals won’t solve much. you would have to manipulate the potentiometers to get an appropriate signal sent through the controller (downleft etc) or set up resistors with right amount of ohms needed to mimic the signal. gummo set up a stick like this not too long ago using ICs but i don’t know the exact details of how he put it together.

Thx, saw this one, but iirc he mapped the straight c-stick inputs. I do have a few resistors, i’ m gonna try them out and see if the input changes. Maybe i’ll get lucky :slight_smile:

Luck wasn’t on my side… seems my resistors got the wrong ohms :confused:

Shot a pm to gummo, hope he knows. This mod would be amazing for me !!!

Update: no answer from gummo :confused: , anyone else know the right amount of ohm needed or a way to find out?

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