DI (Directional Influence)

sorry, I know so very little about DI. I wasn’t trying to start the thread to spread knowledge but to learn more. Apparently great DIing has more depth than simply moving the stick (or both sticks) towards or away from an opponent. Vids like this come to mind: [media=youtube]OWAjYxGTmr4[/media]. I see this video, and the first two make sense. But that last one… what the hell was that? I realize the vid is Melee and not Brawl, but I hear DI is stronger in Brawl and it seems to generally work the same way so… yeah. What are some of the different DI techniques and how do you do what just happened in that video

The people in the comments call it Quarter-Circle (Japanese) DI, basically using a QCF to Smash-DI the hit. It’s essentially CCing very fast and then rolling over to DI the hit.

This probably won’t work in Brawl because there’s no crouch-canceling.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

QCF DI doesn’t involve CC. Basically it just gives you three inputs towards your DI to help slow down your momentum instead of one.

ty that was all I needed