DHC comes out reverse

why does that happen? is this some kinda glitch? say i do UWT in the corner with spiderman and DHC into viper ground pound hyper, the viper hyper come out with her back facing the opponent, thus missing all the hits,

please patch, or something

As a spiderman player this happens to me a lot when I DHC out of my cinematic supers. It’s not that it’s a glitch you’re just timing it wrong. If you notice during a DHC out of maximum spider, the opponent will pop out at different spots depending on when you DHC. Sometimes you get a funky glitch where the opponent actually shrinks in size! The only way to “patch” it would be to work on your timing. Trust me it took about 3 hrs of work to get my DHC from spidey to Tron to work, and I bet Viper will be just as hard. I suggest doing the input when he says “throw”

UWT is very weird to DHC out of for some reason, its results almost seem random. going from UWT (the very moment they hit the ground) into Dante Devil trigger, in the corner occasionally dante will do his “activation” animation as if he were on the opposite side of the opp, but then will always appear back on the normal side. also other times your next character will appear right next to the grounded opp. and other times directly underneath spidey, although this is more likely an issue of timing.

thing is though why would you DHC at any other point other than 1. after the last hit while they are still in the air or 2. once they have both become grounded? the DHC motion is the same in those two instances and i dont understand what benefit you get from DHCing any earlier than the last hit.

Same thing happens to me with X-23 to Dante. Sometimes he comes out behind and does Million Dollars instead.

That’s a valid point but a little creativity would make this useful. In certain situations you want less hits of maximum spider to connect so you can get a full combo off from your next DHC character to connect because you have less hitstun, damage scaling, and your trapped opponent pops out at different heights at different hits. If you use the formulas from here, you can figure out optimal DHC points from maximum spider to your subsequent partner. Also it is possible to DHC glitch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na6wJZsQpcM&feature=player_embedded) by actually whiffing before the actual move connects, but you are not actually hitting so that doesn’t actually count…

If you DHC at the first possible moment on X23’s shoryuken super on the last hit, she’s actually behind the opponent, if you wait a second, she’s in front of him. Except on fattys like tron, hulk, sent