DHB Podcast ep2 - Dormammu discussion with Wentinel

Hey guys, wentinel and I spent some time talking about Dormammu in the latest episode of our podcast. If you have some time check it out and let us know what you think. Any/all feedback is appreciated!


Great podcast. Nice mention of 2D1C Liberation as an amazing defensive tool.

Oh yeah, a good and safe block-string for Dormammu after a blocked a trijump j. L/H/S would be cr.L, st. H, f + H into Purification/Dark Hole. Even more fun is to call an assist while you throw out the Dark Matter canceled into teleport instead of the Purification/Dark Hole.

Another important thing that I think you should have mentioned was that Dark Matter can be canceled into all his specials and hypers (not just the teleport, though I know it gets the most attention for creating self-mixups), which is a big buff for him. Throwing it out with a beam assist (or any long-range projectile assist) and canceling the projectile into Purification to control both the horizontal and vertical axis = decent zoning to annoy someone while setting them up for the eventual teleport crossups/mixups.

I do agree that Dark Spells should be used more. I mean: isn’t there a reason why you can now charge them in the air and also perform Liberation in the air unlike Vanilla?

You didn’t mention Dormammu’s nifty TAC combos. Good podcast nonetheless.

At the time when I listened to it on the day it came out I had a few things in my mind which you could have mentioned, but I have no idea what they were now. I might listen to it again tomorrow maybe and see if it jogs my memory.