Dhalsim's Combos

Here’s a list of Sim’s combos. Jumping/air teleport combos don’t require the jump or teleport to work. Listing midscreen means that both you and your opponent are midscreen, and listing corner means that you have your opponent in the corner. Damage numbers are listed under each combo.

lp: jab punch
mp: strong punch
hp: fierce punch
lk: short kick
mk: forward kick
hk: roundhouse kick

Ground Combos

Back+jab overhead, short slide (crouching opponent only)
50+30 = 80

Early antiair/meaty/far mk slide, back+lk
70+40 = 110

Down-back+mp, down-back+mp
70+70 = 140

Down-back+mp, back+mk
70+70 = 140

Down-back hp, back+mk
80+70 = 150

Down-back+hp, down-back+mp
80+70 = 150

Back+mk xx lp flame
70+80 = 150

Back+hp (1 hit) xx mp flame
70+90 = 160

Meaty down-back+hp, down+hk
80+100 = 180

Back hp (1 hit) xx ex flame
70+160 = 230

Jumping and Air Teleport Combos

Air hp, down-back+hp
70+80 = 150

Air hk, down-back+hp
90+80 = 170

Air hp, down+hk or down-back+hk
70+100 = 170

Air hk, down+hk or down-back+hk
90+100 = 190

Air hp, back+mk xx lp flame
70+70+(.8*80) = 204

Air hp, down-back+hp, back+mk
70+80+(.8*70) = 206

Air hp, back+hp (1 hit) xx mp flame
70+70+(.8*90) = 212

Air hk, back+mk xx lp flame
90+70+(.8*80) = 224

Air hp, down-back+hp, back+mk
90+80+(.8*70) = 226

Air hk, back+hp (1 hit) xx mp flame
90+70+(.8*90) = 232

LP yoga fire, instant air teleport into air back+hp, back+mk xx lp yoga flame
50+70+(.870)+(.780) = 232

Air hp, back+hp (1 hit) xx ex flame
70+70+(.8*160) = 268

Air hk, back+hp (1 hit) xx ex flame
90+70+(.8*160) = 288

Focus Attack Combos

Focus level 3 xx back dash, standing fierce
100+(.8*80) = 164

Focus level 3 xx toward dash, down+hk or down-back+hk
100+(.8*100) = 180

Focus level 3 xx toward dash, back+hp (1 hit) xx mp flame
100+(.870)+(.790) = 219

Focus level 3 xx toward dash, back+hp (1 hit) xx ex flame
100+(.870)+(.7160) = 268

Super Combos (note: always use jab/lp super in combos, since it recovers faster than the other versions and allows post-super juggles)

Back+jab overhead, short slide xx super (crouching opponent only)
50+30+(.8*350) = 360

Down+lk xx super
30+350 = 380

Down-back+mp xx super
70+350 = 420

Down-back+hp, super
80+350 = 430

Back hp (1 hit) xx mp flame xx super
70+90+(.8*350) = 440

Air hp, back+mk xx lp flame xx super
70+70+(.880)+(.7350) = 449

(Midscreen) down-back+hp, back+mk xx super, juggle standing lk reset
80+70+(.8350)+(.730) = 451

(Midscreen) air hp, down-back+hp, super, juggle standing lk reset
70+80+(.8350)+(.730) = 451

(Midscreen) down-back+hp, super, juggle standing lk reset
80+350+(.8*30) = 454

(Corner) down-back+hp, back+mk xx lp flame xx super
80+70+(.880)+(.7350) = 459

(Midscreen) air hk, down-back+hp, super, juggle standing lk reset
90+80+(.8350)+(.730) = 471

(Midscreen) air hp, back+mk xx lp flame xx super, juggle standing lk reset
70+70+(.880)+(.7350)+(.8*30) = 473

Ultra Combos

Ultra, jump toward air lp
200+20 = 220

Ultra, down+lk
200+30 = 230

Ultra, back+lp
200+50 = 250

Ultra, jump back instant air hp
200+70 = 270

Ultra, down+lk, juggle back+roundhouse reset
200+30+(.8*110) = 318

Ultra, back+lp, juggle back+roundhouse reset
200+50+(.8*110) = 338

Combination Combos

Focus level 3 xx backdash, toward dash, super
100+(.8*350) = 380

(Midscreen) focus level 3 xx toward dash, down-back hp, super, standing lk reset
100+(.880)+(.7350)+(.6*30) = 427

Focus level 3 xx toward dash, ultra, toward dash or slide up, super
100+(.8200)+(.7350) = 505

(Midscreen) focus level 3 xx toward dash, ultra, dash or slide up, juggle super, juggle standing lk reset
100+(.8200)+(.7350)+(.6*30) = 523

(Midscreen) focus level 3 xx toward dash, ultra, jump into mummy, juggle super
100+(.8200)+(.780)+(.6*350) = 526

(At distance, corner) ultra, instant air toward punch teleport, air back+hp, (ultra hits), back+lp, juggle super
70+200+(.830)+(.7350) = 539

(At distance, midscreen) ultra, instant air toward punch teleport, air back+hp, (ultra hits), back+lp, juggle super, juggle standing lk reset
70+200+(.830)+(.7350)+(.6*30) = 557

(Midscreen) ultra, juggle instant air mummy, juggle super
200+80+(.8*350) = 560

(Midscreen) ultra, dash or slide up, juggle super, juggle standing lk reset
200+350+(.8*30) = 574

(Midscreen) mummy (hits opponent out of the air), juggle ultra, juggle super, juggle far standing short reset
80+200+(.8350)+(.730) = 581

Normally damage scaling kicks in on the 3rd move, starts out at a .8 multiplier, goes to .7 for the next move, then .6 for the next, and so on down to a minimum of .1, after which all subsequent moves are modified by .1. Normally the concern is with individual moves, and each move counts as 1 move for damage scaling purposes. The exception is that focus attacks count as 2 moves, so any attack done after a focus attack will automatically scale by .8 even if it’s really just the 2nd move in the combo. As a result, if you get an opportunity to punish your opponent, even if you can charge up for a level 3 focus attack, you should forget the focus and just do another move. For example, level 3 focus into super only does 380 damage, whereas down-back+fierce into super does 430. In fact, the focus takes so much damage out of the super that a full level 3 focus xx toward dash, down-back hp, super, standing lk reset still does less damage (427 total) than just down-back+fierce into super.

Just an interesting note, dont know if this was posted before.

In this match Dhalsim did air teleport, b+hp in air, b+mk, flame, super, juggled with far lk that reset midscreen.


hmm… interesting. if it’s comboable after super… i wonder if standing strong is fast enough.

Or down back fierce in the corner?

Bread and Butter for Sim

j. Fierce, d/b+fierce, s.forward
----- if you have super, fireball, super cancel

This shit does so much. Even on close footsies, ill do d/b fierce, stand forward. hits from hella far and gives u enough time to buffer into super if u have it.


Cool! I’m definitely going to try this. I just need a few things clarified.

  1. Does s.forward mean back mk, or do you mean that I should have the joystick in neutral and press the mk button?

  2. When you say to fireball if you have super, do you mean I should do yoga fire? The reason why I’m asking is that I usually hear people suggest LP Yoga Flame before super canceling.

I assume b+mk.

neutral mk


since he bother to put d/b fierce

its hella same to assume its standing nuetral

It’s definitely back+forward. Not only would linking from down-back+fierce to standing forward be useless, but it’s actually impossible (standing forward takes almost twice as long to start up as back+forward does). He’s right, though, down-back+fierce to back+forward is a really important combo, both because down+back fierce has crazy priority that beats almost all normals (as long as you can get its relatively slow startup out) and lets you start this combo easily, and because it can be canceled into flame and super.

Just made a huge update to the first post.

As you can see in the super combos section, if you’re planning on using down-back+fierce to link into super, using back+forward in between is a bad idea. Not only is it harder and not only does it not work because sometimes because the back+mk can push your opponent out of range of the super, but it does no more and in some cases actually does less damage. This is even the case with doing jumping fierce before down-back+fierce to super. The reason for this is that the damage modifier kicks in on the third hit, and when that modifier means you’re getting 80% of 350 instead of 350, it can be significant enough to overcome the extra damage from the second hit of the combo.

Besides, down-back+fierce is the easiest link I’ve seen so far in the game. You have a max of 17 frames and a min of 12 to hit confirm it; if you can’t confirm that, you can’t confirm anything.

You have to do the b+mk cancle to super pretty fast for it to hit. If you delay it to much, your opponent will get pushed back and super will miss.


Down-back+fierce to super will always work even at down-back+fierce’s max range, but if you do down-back+fierce at its max range and then back+forward to super, the back+forward will hit, but the super will miss. There’s just no reason to put back+forward in there; it’s harder, it doesn’t work sometimes, and the whole combo ends up doing the same or less damage.

Also I should mention that you don’t need to combo after the super with a normal. Doing that will reset the opponent so that he recovers more quickly, which can be good or bad for you, depending on the situation. If you want to run away real fast then it probably doesn’t matter a whole lot, but if you want to zone or do some meaty games on your opponent’s wakeup like throw/down-back+fierce/jab flame/ultra, you’ll probably want to just let him fall after the super without resetting him.

i wish he had his other special from mvc2…u know the jumping one but he cool

I think you mean the Yoga strike. Would be cool, but it’s useless in most games he has it in. In this game I guess they decided to go with each character’s signature move, and in Sims case it’s Yoga inferno/tempest

Yesterday I did:

Mummy (hits opponent out of the air), juggle with ultra, juggle with super, juggle with far standing short. What?

Updated. Got rid of some combos that weren’t practical, added some new ones.

crazy, would definitely love to see this on video


that’s nifty

i’ve juggles super off mummy, but ultra never crossed my mind =/


hey I was just wondering whats the mummy move?