What’s up people! Well I heard from my friend that dhalsim is like top tier in Japan, but I don’t kno if that is true. Is it? and why? Because I would like to start playing him if I could find out what the do. Thanks.

Nah he’s not top tier at all…Unfortunately. He’s good, don’t get me wrong, but he has too many bad matchups. Granted a good player can defeat lesser players on those bad matchups, but if both players are equal, the Sim player will lose against many characters. Check out the other threads listed by looking at threads since “The Beginning” rather than the 30 day default & you’ll find more information about him.

don’t play him just because he’s popular in japan. that’s scrubby. if you like him, use him. gadgy is right though. he has a lot of bad matchups. look for iyo videos to see some nasty dhalsim.

what groove do you want to play him in?

I ain’t just wanting to use Dhalsim becasue he is popular in Japan. I use him in marvel vs. Street Fighter all the time. I was thinking on using him in C-groove

he’s really good in c. his super cancels are more damaging than you’d think. ever thought of using him in k? :evil:

Ya I use him in C. I wouldn’t use him in K unless you can jd really well. I like C for a lot of reasons, but I went into that here:


I think his supers are awesome and I hit with level 2 supers all the time.

i like him in k because you’ll get meter just for sucking with him. :lol: seriously, it’s fun because if he’s being rushed, your opponent will back up because he’s raged. once outside, they’re in dhalsim’s element. if they keep trying to pin him down, i look for an opening in the block string and super their ass. i love k groove.

That’s pretty cool actually.

funny ass tactic with k dhalsim: jd anti air attempts until you get bored, teleport away, press down and fk. if you’re feeling saucy, taunt that shit and float down. the haitian sensation is the man! :lol:

Dhalsim NEEDS C groove to win practically. Air block is just essential and the RC is also needed to make him legit. Also, the level 2 cancels, I think his are among the best in t he game easily.
He also Always seems to have enough meter and he can combo level 1’s so easily.

I think rollcancel helps Dhalsim in a lot of situations. In the corner, a landed RC yoga flame lets you combo a lvl 3 inferno (the l3 only one) easily on reaction. If your timing is tight and you’re close enough, a level 2 up super XX RH flame is also possible ( you can combo another lvl1 up super after this too. Like said before, HUGE damage on Dhalsim’s combos.

Dhalsim’s matchups are not that bad. You just have to keep playing them until you figure out what will work. An innocent back+strong as anti air can lead to the fight being won in an instant with all the mixups he has after back+strong. You can dash behind, rh drill, fake going behind, do nothing (wait for reversal) , doing either a back+fierce headbutt (cancel 2nd hit into super if it works, this also option-selects as a throw) or down-back fierce, link standing or sliding short, XX stream super.

After the level 2 - at point blank range only, cancel to a RH flame for the most damage. Otherwise if you’re kinda close, fierce flame. If you’re a little further, fierce fireball, and at max. ranges, the fireball misses so you’re best off doing a teleport cancel.

His down-back fierce is his most lethal move, easily. On reaction to it hitting, you can do low short XX super even at level 1.

Yoga noogie is so damn good. Somany ways to land it. Spin the stick like crazy for the most hits. The range is really great.

Dhalsim can hop through dead bodies with his dash. Hop through, d/b fierce, link short XX super.

Back+strong deep (not high in the air), or down=back fierce as antiair, XX upwards flame super will combo.

RH drill, DB+fierce is a solid pressure move that combos if done meaty, ses up another drill, a slide (any strength), a dash towards or back (to bait moves, you can punish with a stream super from REAL far), all of these also lead into basic RC flame setups too.

Mix up jumping and superjumping drills with jump or superjup back+forward crossup. It’s seriously a good crossup.

Air teleoprt can save your ass all the time. Just make sure to wait till super flashes have stopped so it will come out.

His Alpha Counter is the slide, it’s fairly good and you should use it.

Fireballs are really good, they’re about the fastest in the game pretty much.

At far range, back+forward is easily his highest priority antiair. His slide is also good if they attack early.

At closer ranges, use back+strong, or back+jab, or short / forward slide under.

Teleport is also an ‘anti-air’ so use that too.

Whiff RH drills really close to the ground, this actually builds meter.
Whiffed strongs or fierces (close) are also good for this.

CVS2 Dhalsim is more rushdown actually. He isn’t keepaway like his old versions. He plays a lot like Necro in 3s.

the problem with dhalsim is he dies horribly to many of the top tiers. and in cvs2, that’s pretty much all anybody plays.

How will you win with that attitide?

it has nothing to do with attitude. try fighting sagat, blanka, or guile with dhalsim. it’s a rape fest. player skill is a bigger factor that character selection, but let’s not pretend that you can consistently beat the best characters in the game with the mid tier just because of a will to win, dedication to a character, or whatever other crap people like to imagine can help overcome the obvious disabilities. keep in mind, i use maki on my team because i can play her well and she’s fun, but i don’t try and kid myself into believing she’s something she’s not. she dies to the top tier. just like dhalsim.

I’ve lost to Blankas quickly but that can happen to anyone. Sagat and Guile, please explain what you can’t counter, I don’t have that much trouble with Guile, Sagat is close and very winnable IMO.

Agreed, some of the girls bother me much more than the top tiers. I’ll fight Blanka, Sagat, & Guile instead of Cammy, Nak, & Chun anyday. I don’t see Guile or Sagat as a problem at all really. Btw, nice tips earlier Chris.

Yes Sim has quite a bit of bad matchups, but none of them are unplayable. Chun is the worst, but with Sim I’m never in a position against anyone where I can’t do anything & have no options. Some matchups you need to play very differently then others.

against guile, rc sonic boom and cr mp and mk make him a wall. and the fact that trades are so much in his favor are annoying. basically, i can’t fight him on the outside or up close.

against sagat, crouching fp and crouching lk. rc tiger shot and dp make trying to zone him impossible. and of course, trading is not recommended against him.

basically, in order for dhalsim to win, i feel like i have to land a super. both of these guys can win with normals and bnb combos.

i have to ask, how do you guys fight rc honda with sim? i think that’s the hardest fight for me. rc hands and headbutt destroy.

I don’t use Sim, but I tried him out in training mode after reading what people had to say in this thread.

His counter hit setups seem pretty nasty.

-db.LP, b+HP (two hits) xx hcb, hcb+P super
-uf, immediate d+HK drill, b+HP xx level 3
-meaty d.MK slide, b+HP xx level 3

The great thing about the headbutt is that it’s a no brainer option select. Depending on the timing and what the opponent tries to do, you either get a counter hit, a throw, or a tech hit. Combo into high damaging level 3 only super on reaction when you see a counter hit. Wow.

Anyone else notice how slow all of Sims far limbs come out? Look at far s.MP and compare it to Alpha 3’s far s.MP… :bluu:

I wouldn’t use this character. He’s slow, he has low stamina, low stun (only 60 points), AND he’s one of the tallest characters in the game too. His db+HP and b+HP are awesome attacks, but damn, Sim sucks.

harsh. i wouldn’t say he sucks, but you pointed out a lot of flaws that make him a victim to the gods. rc kills him and he lacks the tools to beat a rush or turtle.