Dhalsim Teams

All right ya’ll, I’m not a great Dhalsim player in that I don’t really know the big combos. I do like using him a whole lot against Rushdown though. I find that Dhalsim/Storm/Cyke helps out a lot against rushdown. Especially rushdown that involves Tron. Dhalsim keeps the rusher at bay of course, and uses Cyke to keep Tron off the screen. Quick DHC to Hailstorm, then you got Storm/Cyke which is extremley potent.

So what kind of teams do ya’ll use for certain situations like Cable/Cap, Sent/Cap, Storm/Cap, and the rest? Also what are some of ya’lls best Dhalsim teams in General?

Cable/CapCom… Sim/any projectile
-bait assist, punish with some damage, if Cable tries to AHVB, cancel any of Sim’s normals into teleport behind (then free combo/super). Watch if he has bars and DHC to Sentinel, though. 'cause then Sim dies. If that is the case, I would go with a team like Sim/Sent/Cable or something. If which case, if Sim builds bar, Cable can counter,xx,AHVB or burn assist or point character all at once. Also Sim/Tron is good here in that Tron eats up CapCom assist, does good damge, and allows Sim more free change to rush Cable’s ass down.

Sent/Cap… Sim/Cable?/Tron? Sim/Storm/CapCom?, Sim/Sent/CapCom?

  • Sim/Cable/Tron again allows for counter,xx,AHVB, Cable fights Sent well and Sim aaa helps cut down on flying… with Sim, if you can get in on block string, come down with Tron (ie:(close)c.lp+Tron,c.mp), she’ll eat up CapCom assist. If you don’t see him come out, super jump and airdash over so only Tron will get caught without follow up damage or the pain to Sim. With Sim/Sent/CapCom… CapCom helps take care of flight, hit string into HSF into the counter reset HSF strings on assist can kill off CapCom. c.lp,c.mp+Sent-a,s.hp, dashing s.hk,xx,/ \ does huge damage and leaves you recovered at the end. Ing the case of Sim/Storm/Sent, you follow that with qcf+kk,xx,hail (which should keep you out from more retaliation from Sent),xx,HSF, then resetting the rocketpunch for more HSf or whatever… basically kill of the assist. Without good AAA, I don’t think Sentinel is really an overpowering match for Sim. The main idea against Sent/CapCom is kill the assist or snap to CapCom. If hitting the assist and Sent tries going overhead, you can cancel all of Sim’s normals from either range (except for hp) to super jump… then either long limbs, or TK inferno. The TK inferno seems to make Sim goddammed near invincible, and at the TK range, aiming down, they can’t dash under, and if they try to super jump, they can’t go over (aiming up), if you hit, you have DHC to hail (or HSF), and on block, though recovery is long, because the flame is still travelling and being blocked during recover, you’re usually left safe.

Storm/Cap… Sim/Sent/CapCom? Sim/Sent/Cyke, Sim/Storm/Psy? Sim/Sent/Psy, Sim/Mag/Psy…

  • lotsa things you can do here. If she’s running, she wants to hit with CapCom… but if she super jumps, she can’t call him. Run after her then. If you have your own CapCom, wavedash under with assist. Also, when meeting her in the air, use Sim’s range… don’t eat two kicks into combo and super then DHC… If Storm uses hail… Sim can cancel most normals to teleport and stay safe. If She calls CapCom, dash and try to punish with a couple hits. If you think she’ll try to cover with rush, hits + your CapCom assist might be good… if by hail, see a couple times and don’t call assist yet. If you use assist to punish their CapCom, you can always cancel to super jump if Storm tries something funky. Also with Sim/Storm/Sent or Sim/Storm/Whoever… if unishing assist and Storm tries to cover with hail, cancel normals into qcf+kk and insta-DHC to your own hail to own that ho!

But yea… sounds easy, but it can be a little harder. Sent/CapCom is the hardest IMO. Sometimes if you try to counter team one character and assist, you lose viability against the third character. Also, since Sim takes damage like a little bitch, guessing wrong a couples times can prove disasterous.