Dhalsim Corner Traps

Yo what are dhalsims corner traps? i notice i get hit in the corner and i get destroyed but when i have someone in the corner i dont maximize.
what is the general concept behind corner trapping and what is the most effective way to do it with dhalsim?

if you get a knockdown or throw in the corner and they have no bars/viable wakeup options… do a meaty hard flame to b. strong to med flame… if the b. mk hits it will usually be a counter hit since hard flame is +3 on block. Short slide to med flame (if blocked) then go to b. mk combos bc med flame is + on block. you can also throw a short slide to light fire to b. mk combos…

hard corner pressure with sim is only appropriate if you are playing someone that doesn’t have meeter… you should be more worried about your zoning options if you corner an opponent. Like arturo said… even though sim is a strong zoner… you should always be holding your ground and moving forward.