DGV training method help

Ken told me his brother Ty (your ass better enter next Evo or I’ll pay your NY relatives a visit!) picks every character and they figure out what the optimal thing for ryu to do in any situation. Sounds like a great way to improve not only matchup knowledge but feel more comfortable against top players so that no matter who I’m against I’ll have some counters for their character.

If you’re very knowledgeable about your main, have a mic, and are ble to devote at least 2 hours on weekends to training sessions vs my sagat which include going over each scenario step by step, then post here even if you’re on my XBL list just in case I forgot who I’m training with. Thanks in advance to everyone.

ken-synco, moocus
chun-skankin garbage, zass30, mongolorobocokp
cammy-howmuchkeefe, mongolorobokop

That’s also what Jeff Schaeffer says to do in one of his YouTube videos.

It is really the only way to be the best :D.

I actually saw that video you’re talking about but wasn’t thinking of it at the time of my post lol, so can I put you down as available in the geif slot?:sweat: I hope 2 hours almost every weekend is not too large of a commitment for people.

My goal is to know what to do in any given situation against any character with sagat. Here’s ideally the setup:

  1. Play a few matches in a private room
  2. You tell me what I did wrong, how I can improve
  3. I ask some questions.
  4. Going over characters normals and specials and how to approach each one
  5. Play more matches applying newly learned info
  6. Repeat steps 2-5

In theory, the hitbox project was supposed to help me get there, but I’m not so sure theory fighter really helped me that much.

I like this idea a lot… Although I really don’t think I’m knowledgeable enough to do it myself!

I’d be down to help you with this, but I would really need some time to shake the rust off first.

I’ll attempt to do this, though my internet connection is real bad so we’ll have to play it by ear, we might have to just call it a night if it gets bad. Give me a text when you’re free and want to play.

I had no idea you played HDR nice! I don’t think I have your number and if I do it’s one of the many random numbers I forgot to put names on lol PM it to me.

hey zoo, i got your party invite but by the time i joined you had already left. i’m down to toy around with the ken/sagat matchup, although you’d be helping me out more than anything because i suck at that matchup and usually just counter-pick boxer.

Wakeup scrubs!

If you can play ST you can play HDR, I’ll shoot you a text that way you have it.

On WCW3 stream James Chensor said boxer has a hard time vs sagat until he gets meter:rofl: