DFPRADIO (Video Games, Anime, and more radio show!) From Atlanta to Japan!


[]Video Game Tracks
]Anime Tracks
[]80’ Cartoon Tracks
]Hip-Hop Tracks
[]Drum and Bass/ Jungle Tracks
]Prizes to be won
[]J-Pop and Japanese Hip-Hop
If any of these things interest you then you need to check out DFP RADIO. DFP RADIO is about 1 hour and 15 minutes jammed pack with a wide range videogame and anime music. Basically, It’s what a lot of us have been waiting for. DFP RADIO once airred on the famed WRAS ATLANTA Album 88.5FM for 2 years! Now the show is currently hosted by www.digitalfrontierplus.com but it’s being produced in Japan without any censorship! It’s kinda crazy! So if any thing just give it a listen and a shout. Your feedback is greatly need.

At the moment, there are 4 shows uploaded, and there will be a new show up by 11/19/2005.

Click here to start jamming with DFP RADIO!

Note: DFP RADIO will be having Game and Anime forums in the Atlanta area. If you want to voice your opinion on the the air. Keep checking the DFP website for forum dates and schedule information!

This shit is good. We need stuff like this. Although I’m in Bama I can really get into this. Keep up the good work Monkee77. Also I wanna contribute to the forums. I’ll see if I can make it to the forums but still good job!

oh shit that’s digital frontier plus dot com!

Yeah, I think the forums will be one of the most important features of the show! And there is a studio being set-up in home office of DFP America. But I`ll keep posting here and on DFP with new info.

LMAO! but what did you like about it?:tup:

Will you have any special guests come onto the show?

Yes, but we also wanna keep it open. We don’t just want well-known industry people and gamers. We want to have regular gamers on the show as well.

YES!!! You got a Guilty Gear #Reload team on the rise and in the making in B’ham. Maybe we can swing by and give you a good time. Keep doing what ya do.

Hey, just talk to shinblanka. And hell contact you with DBD, the head DFP America, and everything should be chill. Actually, they were supposed to be having a forum about SC3 soon. I’ll keep checking in on this page as well to oversee the whole ordeal.

DFP RADIO the new show is up click here to read the post and get on it!

Bout time! DFP Radio USA vs JAPAN!

Well this was bound to happen Frank’Gs and DBD have done it! The first DFP USA show is up! Give it a listen and please hit us with some feed back! And don’t worry the DFP JAPAN show will be up on Monday (Dec.12)

Merry Xmas

DFP Radio Japn is up now. So give it a listen we need some feedback!!!

Back up in here! One mo’ gen! DFP RADIO USA! The first show of the new year is up join DBD, DAD a.k.a “Shinblanka”, and Tengu Sox as he brings the hot anime and game audio flavors!

Special Info about FR9 too!.. go toDFP AUDIO to listen now!

New Show

DFP Radio Japan! We got that New-New! What? What?! We got that NEW-NEW! We got a new logo a new and a new mics! The first show of the new year from the DFP AGENTS located deep within the hustle and bustle of Tokyo is out! This show features music from Utada Hikaru - KH2, Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Morrigans BGM, Yokko Kanno, Geshiken, HALO, Gotcha Man and a Joe Budden track rapping over an Escaflowne beat! (Thats Bastard beat me to it!) Also, check the annoucements for info on Final Round 9, Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star 2-D Fighter), Anime News and much more. Also be sure to check the DFP Roundtable. DBD, TenguSOX, and DAD a.k.a. ShinBlanka explain all in the world of videogames, anime, and relationships! So like what are you waiting for! Click here to listen! Cause Shermie jams to DFP Radio and you should too! PIMP!:rofl:

DFP Radio Japan! Another installment jammed packed with Anime, Videogame, J-Pop Hip-Hop Rock and Reggae music flavors for all. Tune in to hear tracks from artists such as: BOA, DANGERDOOM, GACKT, Min-mi. So join RED6 and SK8 the MONKEE as they give you their impressions of Wonderfest 2005 and the elusive Final Fantasy Potion! How many hit points does this potion actually replenish or is it just another poison? Join them as they also present DFP RADIO?s First Live On-Air Tasting Results! Before you go ebay shopping you may care to listen. Seriously! Also don?t forget to check out DFP Radio USA as they give up some very valuable “Need to know specs on the PS3!” Thanks to the wonder of Great Mazinger! And more info on Final Round 9 (The South?s Largest "CA$H MONEY! Video Game Tournament.) Click here to listen and don?t be stingy! Tell a friend!

New show from the boys in the USA? Click here to let the waves of sound pull back your ears and pound on your ear drums! Listen as DAD a.k.a Shinblanka from SRK, DBD, and Sox make fools of themselves once again, and throw around their video game and anime knowledge like a frisbee. While you may be able to hear DAD and DBD, Sox has the Peanuts Teacher syndrom? all I can say is sorry, won?t happen again! Sox had to do the hand held mic thing and it just didn?t come out like it shoulda!

(When you get to the homepage just click AUDIO for the show listings!)

DFP RADIO JAPAN. Even if you tried with all your might and 8 consecutive Dragon Punches. You can’t even sleep on the hotness of this show’s audio flavors! We got tracks from Yokko Kanno, BIRD, Outlaw Star, Little Brother, Last Emperor (You must hear this track!), King Gidora, Final Fantasy 7 and much much more! So join the Good Rev. Pregreen Capricee and Deacon Red 6 as the bring the holy sound of DFP RADIO and supply you with more info on Final Round 9. So let the people of the church say, “AMEN!” and go here to be healed!

P.S. To all members of the congregation who where involved in making the FR9 avatars, flyer, t-shirts, and such. Your shout-outs are included in this show. Because ask and ye say receive! “CHURCH!” I don’t think you heard me? CHURCH! I said, “Ask and Ye shall receive CHURCH!”

Too much rappin and not enough rockin. :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate some rap, but in the end I’m too much of a blanco niño to be able to listen to this regularly. :frowning:

can I put this on my ipod?

Yeah you can. DBD, one of the hosts from DFP Radio Japan says all of the shows from now on will be posted at a ipod vending whachamacallit type places (I don’t have a ipod.)

No problem. We are a show that caters to our audience… You want more rockin’?! We can do that! (Just wait for the next, DFP Radio Japan)

We’ll try to keep the convo down for future shows, but check out the radioshows from FR9 live with the top 3 of each tournament after the tournament was completed.