Devil due May Solicitations

Udoneko u were right the DS tpb is better than the SF vol.2 cover.

sexy!! :badboy:

Damn Shinkiro’s artwork for the DS V1 TPB is awesome!
Does it put the Street Fighter TPB covers to shame? I’d say so personally.

You mean this? And if you do and because I lack time and words… Hell gawd yes that is niiiiiiice! I am really loving this series, don’t know about anyone else, but it has overtaken my like for SFcomics in just 3 issues.

Did anyone else notice there are two street fighter bust coming in may as well/ I wonder who they are.I know one is Akuma and I will pick that up for sure,but I wonder who the other is.

UDON-2 Street Fighter busts :o:O:O:O finally!!!

As much as this is going to kill me I’m going to have to miss the busts this time round, I really can’t afford anything like that anytime soon -_-

Since we are the subject- Busts I want to see-


I cant wait to get those bust, ive been waititng tooo long already !!!
knowing that one of them will be akuma who could be the second one?!

Well Erik did orginally say that Ryu was going to be the next bust, but then changed it to Akuma. So maybe it is Ryu?

That cover is so damn good. Shinkiro should launch a sketchbook or something. Or probably wait a little longer, sure there’s a lotta cool stuff lined up on his part.
Anyone know any Shinkiro sites??

why not get shinkiro to do a back story, that would be so don,i’ll look at the art, id wet my pants…not with urine either

Ditto to that! The DS cover is hella sweet! :slight_smile: Morrigan is hella hot on there! ^^

If Shinkiro did a cover(either foil or normal) AND the back up story, that would probably be the coolest issue…along with a good dose of quality udon interiors.
[or same thing but could swap the shinkiro with MAD!..]:smiley:

That looks HEAVY and scary at the same time. wouda been cooler if morigans hair made a silouette of demitris face