Detroit, MI (8-14-10): Tekken 6, SSF4, SC4 & SSBB Tournament and **Youthville Detroit **
Location: 7375 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202-3156
Entry fee: $10 for each game
Venue fee: $5
2 out of 3 rounds (Finals are 3 out of 5 rounds)
Registration: Starts at Noon (12pm)

This is also a fundraiser for Youthville Detroit which is nonprofit org. for the youth of Detroit. $5 will be the venue fee for Youthville Detroit. There’s a cash prize for first, second and third place (70/20/10 format).

For any other info: or

Let’s all come out, have fun, meet new people and get some games in :smile:.

- P.S. -

Magic and Yugioh tourneys will also be there :cool:.

Bump! Come and support the kids!

Right. If this tourney turns out good, then can expect more from Youthville Detroit. The facility is nice (trust me).