Desoldering off 2 pads - Help Needed!

I was desoldering a ground wire off my madcatz pad and i screwed it up and it by accident soldered both pads together, can i please have some help and suggestions on how to rectify this problem.

heres a screenshot of my pcb with the 2 pads soldered together:

You have a couple of options. Both need you to remove all the solder from those contacts.

The first thing you can do is use a solder sucker. You apply heat to the solder, melting it, and suck it up with a bulb.

Another option is a desoldering braid. You apply it to the solder, then heat up the braid, and the solder should be sucked up into it.

If neither work, get some flux, put it on, and try again. It will definitely work with flux.

will i have take both the joints off or will is there a way to salvage the other one?

just remove it all with a bulb/desoldering braid like Upas said. It’s not like if resoldering the wire takes more than 2 seconds.

true, im just bot very good at soldering onto pads, you got any advice?

i tend to put a little bit of solder on the wire then a little on the pad and then heat them together.

if you tin your iron also it makes a world of difference

I’d just put it onto the wire with points that large. Heat up the point and then the solder on the wire should be sufficient.

sounds about right, well what I do is put a little solder on the contact point and then tin the tip with a little bit of extra solder and so when you solder on the wire it sinks into the solder that was on the contact and the solder on the tip covers it from the top and it’s a really strong bond.

EDIT: slagcoin explains it well it’s the second technique, the first technique and diagram is for soldering a different type of pcb like the cthulu board.