{:<`;~Deric Bogus {skitz} Vol.3 Marvel vs Capcom 2~;'>:}

Stay Tune?


damn nigga,good shit :rofl: the shit you do manually is like crack.

Wow. That was some beautiful editing. The combos themselves were nuts. Good shit. And I don’t even play MvC2. I just love these combo videos.

dammit daslim act like someone owe him childs support love the editing and high quality of the video keep em coming

Amazing Video. :tup:

Damn Deric I know I have’nt srk in a long time but lew left me a message on my cell that you released a vid,Good Stuff and hope to see a volume 4.Congrats.

Just downloaded it from CV, good shit…

thanks really appreciate knowing what u guys thought of it,Stay tune for low tier matches/vol. 4 trailer, till then…

I see you had XVSF mode turned on for a lot of the video…

Haha…Anyway, I liked the Hayato-Silver Samurai combo. :tup:

XvSF mode?

used the B.B. Hood/Venom glitch to make the combo counter stay.

liked most of it, but combos on assists… ehh.

How is it performed?

it’s super easy. you start with venom and do his HCF+PP, DHC into B.B. Hoods beautiful memory. then just have the opponett tag out , and the combo counter will just stay.

it’s the first on this page: http://www.glitchvideos.com/page.php?id=13

…hehe magnetro knows another a different way of diong this glitch though.

just saw it on CV,damn good shit…that cable combo was crazy


You never stop amazing me Deric. Nice vid! Lemmie be one of the first to confirm this kid can do most of those combos in person. (remembers the fay.ville, nc tourney)

btw, I <3 VDO :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys good to see u enjoyed it.

xmen vs sf mod,ha cyclops and chunli :nunchuck: ,thats how good they where back then :shake: