Deric Bogus {skitz} Marvel vs Capom 2 Vol. 4 (Combo Video)

Deric Bogus {skitz} Marvel vs Capcom 2 Volume 4 (Combo Video)


Oh Shit! Downloading this shit down! :tup:

It sucks like your other videos. :wink:

Cool combo’s,but I didn’t like the music at all.The music was akin to basically any random AMV on Youtube.Cool thing you did with Chun-Li though.

Good editing.

I never understood why some people seem to think they have some sort of superior power over the combo videos thread.

good shit,the editing was insane,why does this song ring a bell to me? :rofl: anyways keep up the good work bra

upload somewhere else please, link dead.

chunli can fight and sing? im going to fuck that bitch.seriously.

I’ve never seen ya before, but i’m gonna download it anyway!

Hm. Why do you include combos like the zangief vs spiral one? Is it just 'cause it looks interesting?

no comment.

it’s a nice vid and all, but all those combos were on practice with basically unlimited supers :bgrin:

it took me less then 3 days to make vid,i was just focus on editting.:sweat: oh well thanks anyway,this is my last year playing marvel,before i move to guilty gear so its all in fun.

stay tune?

  1. yeah cause honestly, the best thing about your vid was the editing, hence my comment earlier

  2. why?, are you getting interested in another game, if so which?

guilty gear

OH BOY!!!, NOW IT GETS CRAZY, seriously:looney:

:amazed: interesting.

3 ninjas kick back music ftw