I have suffered from depression and anxiety disorder for a good part of my life. It usually gets worse during the fall and winter seasons. This season it starting to get pretty bad, and since I quit my job and decided to go full time on my business this year, health insurance and medication is going to be costly. Im wondering how many other SRK members suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder. How do you guys try to cope?

Multiple naps. It’s like suicide, but you wake up every time. Your troubles are gone temporarily. But then when you wake up, you realize how shitty life is.

Surround yourselves with friends and family members. You don’t even have to do anything, just the company and laughs are enough to get your spirits up. But when you’re away from them you realize how shitty life is.

You seek help, that’s what you do.

Eat depression fighting foods. Not just comfort food, I have to research it again but some foods actually life up your mood like the oils in fish etc.


Thought I was a negative guy. Jesus.

Seek professional help, there’s no alternative. Also, avoid those who just want to pump you full of drugs. That’s not always the answer. Therapy and counselling is a long and arduous process but ultimately worth it. I’ve seen (and helped, so I’ve been told) people make complete turnarounds in their lives but you need to start immediately.


Why would you pay hundreds of dollars to talk to some shrink when you could talk to a friend for free? No offense to anybody that does, but for me, I tried seeing some counselors/psychiatrists, and it was a waste of my time.

I take 75 mg of Venlafaxine, a generic brand of effexor, per day. I am still depressed, but just not as much. I could take a higher dosage, but I don’t like the side-effects. Plus, I’m cheap.

I’m depressed because life is hard. Although, it’s really just a state of mind. Exercising is a good way to cope, but I have a fucked up lung that likes to crap out on me randomly.


dark chocolate for one


animal tranquilizers should do the trick too

Ketamine is ‘magic drug’ for depression - Telegraph

You must have some equally depressed friends. Personally I don’t think being the one that has to be there for you everytime you feel sad is going to help a friendship.

Seek professional help, that’s what they are paid for. Find a professional that is credible and is known to be successful with patients.

Smoke cigarettes. Walk to your local park and look for God. Of that doesn’t work then there’s always pizza rolls and Jack Daniels.

If you don’t already, I would start exercising.

Whats your diet like? How many times a day do you eat? How often do you exercise?

If you’re experiencing mood changes during the seasons I suggest a few things. Seasonal changes are typically caused by seasonal affective disorder, but with all diagnosis there is a wide spectrum of characteristics and causes.

  1. A light therapy device used in the morning for 10-30 minutes like this: Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device: Health & Personal Care

  2. Getting food allergy tests done through a skin prick test. Completely avoid whatever foods are on that list. Food allergies don’t always mean hives and swelling of the throat. They can agitate other parts of your body causing mood changes.

  3. A mood stabilizer medication like Lamotrigine (Lamictal brand name) which as of last year is available as a generic and is affordable. It is not a hypnotic or sedative so it doesn’t have any weird effects. Start with the absolute lowest dose for 2 weeks and move up in small increments.

  4. As mentioned, professional help / therapy. Often this is difficult to come by even though there are so many doctors. Finding the right one who works with you AND knows WTF they are talking about is hard and can be expensive.

exercise and outdoor activities…

believe it or not, this really helped me when i was depressed. i started eating right and working out on the daily just to keep my spirits up and to stay busy. best thing i can tell you is to get out and do stuff. doesnt really matter what it is but keep yourself busy so your mind doesnt roll back into all thats going wrong in your life. lastly, find ONE and only ONE person that you cant talk to about anything and just tell them everything thats going on with you. dont leave anything out because you will regret it. trust me they will make you feel like what youre going through could be a lot less that what another person has to deal with and they will see to it that you make it through your rough times.

good luck man.

Exercise is good. I’d also recommend taking Psychology at your local community college. It will shed more light on everything.

From someone who’s fought, and still fights, depression: you get professional help, and you FIGHT it. Force yourself to analyze every negative thought you feel, recognize it as self-sabotage, file it away, and move on.

Remember, a human being is nothing more than a golem of flesh, blood, and electricity. Feelings aren’t some magic side-effect of “The Force” or whatever: they’re electrical impulses in your brain, and nothing more. Depression is easy because you practice it, and if you practice anything long enough you get real good at it. Unless you’re insane, you can focus your thoughts on something productive.

But I’m no scientician. Seek professional (and competent) help. It’s the best you can do. Good luck.

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Listen to Blu and Exile, and realize you aren’t the only one with problems in the world.

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