Denver scene

Where is it?

Been looking and I can’t find anything.

That’s because Colorado posts at extrafreshnet - All Blog Posts

There is definitely a scene in Denver though. I play quite a bit (except right now because of finals week.) But there is a hook up this Saturday, you should come out!

Where in Denver do you live? I’m in the Capital Hill area. If you’re close let’s get some games in.

I signed up on that site a little bit ago, looks like a cool group of people.

I’m in Broomfield.

SUPAH REVIVE!!! No…seriously tho. We need some what of a scene in Colorado.


Do we even have a single arcade machine in Colorado?

According to we do… Ive never made it there to check it out though. Whenever I come down outta the Mtns Im always in the LoDo area
Tilt Family Entertainment Center
14200 East Alameda Avenue
Aurora, Colorado
(303) 363-0102‎
.25 for 5 minutes, 28" LCD display with Japanese-style sticks and buttons.

Tilt arcade at the Aurora Mall.
SF4 Vanilla Console version(which they were debating on replacing with either SSF4AE or MVC3 last time I was there, it’s running an XBOX360)
It’s been a few months, but they probably have the best arcade around:
Third Strike
Alpha 3
SVC Chaos
MVC(multiple machines)
MVC2(multiple machines)
Tekken Tag
Tekken 5 DR
Soul Cali 2
and some others I don’t recall offhand.

Anyone go to the latest tourney? And are they’re any vids?

Just moved to denver. Is anyone still actively playing?

does anyone still play around here…?