Dental question

I went for a checkup and cleaning on 1/31, and my dentist found that I had a gum depth of 5mm on 2 molars (should be at max 3, I think). She applied sub-gum antibiotic to the 2 spots, then told me “Don’t floss these 2 areas until Valentines day, in order to give the antibiotics time to kill the bacteria, and close these pockets. That should get your gum depth back to what it should be.” Thinking back, that sounds weird. Why so long until I can floss those spots? Is that normal in cases that don’t involve tooth damage or bleeding? This was her last week, since she was tired of the long commute to the office, and wanted become another case of the self-inflicted women’s wage gap: she wants to start a family.


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I dont know what antibiotic your facility used, but mine always used Arestin (minocycline) .

According to their website, they advise not to floss for 10 days post procedure.

I guess you should be ok to floss tomorrow.

Yeah, They used that for my treatment. Thank you! I don’t know what’s going on with this place lately, but half the time 4chan is more helpful when you have a serious question. That’s pretty sad, according to the dim light people hold 4chan in.

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