Denpa blast on wakeup

does anyone have any videos with necro using denpa blast while his opponent is waking up? or also any videos just about denpa blast or with any denpa blast tips on how to use it? ive read tips on this and other forums but i kinda need to see it to get it down right. thanks…

No, just no. Denpa is not an SRK; it isn’t a reversal move because it has jack for invincibility, and it has way too much start-up.

so you dont reccomend using it at all?? and if you do,when??

i use it out side of kara throw range because it just works. if they bait you, stop right away, but if you see a then bust it xx SAI/SAIII. I personally use this frequently.

if some one tryied to be a smart ass and parry, just wake up with a mp.denpa and catch them with the second hit xx cancel.

note that vs shotos and makoto, this is easilly punished by xx SA

just use it wisely and effectivly

(but ya it does suck ass just to contradict myself)

Use it as a hit confirm. It’s really good for catching people’s limbs or people trying to dash in. It’s a good way to hit confirm c. LK provided you don’t do it too often, and it’s good anti-air against Akuma’s dive kicks and whatnot.

Use SA1 cuz it’s a really awesome version of a Denpa Blast (but still gets beat by Genei Jin on wake up cuz Genei Jin is too GDLK).