Denjin vs Chun Li SA2 and others

Will Chun Li pass the denjin by or not? I haven’t seen the both of them butt heads with eachother.

If it’s already been released, she can time the super to go through it, yes. However, if she tries to use SA2 while Ryu is still charging the denjin, just release the punch buttons during her super flash and it will hit her clean. Only expect it to work once per person at best, though. After that they’ll usually either jump or learn to go through it after it’s been released.

What other moves can go right through the Denjin?

yer it can, i played a chun and one time it passed by, one time i caught her, not sure about the timing tho…

Properly timed Karakusa will also have the Denjin fly by.

I usually just parry it. Even thought its a fast projectile i find it easy to parry on wake up.

There’s some setups that aren’t so easy to parry. Like backwards throw into corner, dash back, lp hadouken xx denjin.

It sounds simple, but depending on when you throw the hadouken, and how long you charge, it can be a little overwhelming.