DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.5 3s and SF4 5/23

The season is almost over, and things can change dramatically in the next 2 tournaments. SF4 is super close! SBO quals is also less than a month away, so now is the time to get comfortable on the Denjin setups before qualifiers.

Current 3s Standing:

  1. 5 Star 34
  2. Sextaro 22
  3. Vinny 13
  4. Gootecks 9
  5. Renic 8
  6. Amir 7
  7. misterbean 7
  8. let blood run 6
  9. Bebop 5
  10. Kai 4
  11. ericxchin 2
  12. Tom C 2
  13. Joe Dubbs 2
  14. Rob Greco 2
  15. Sanchez 1

Current SF4 Standing:

  1. Sextaro 20
  2. Gootecks 19
  3. Sin 12
  4. Ironfist 11
  5. Ed Ma 10
  6. Mike Ross 9
  7. Art 8
  8. UltraDavid 7
  9. CSB 5
  10. Joey aka “The BOSS” 4
  11. Kai 3
  12. Bebop 3
  13. Bustabust 3
  14. Keno 3
  15. Amir 2
  16. Dae 2
  17. Tatsu 1
  18. misterbean 1
  19. Jeremy 1

SF4 and 3s Rules
Best of 3 games
Double Elimination
One character throughout tournament (Due to popular demand, this no longer applies to SF4)
For 3s, Judgment is in play

For SF4
Sign ups at 4 PM, Tournament begins at 5 PM
For 3s
Sign ups at 6 PM, Tournament begins at 7 PM
$5 Entry

50% of entry fees are donated to sponsor the SBO qualified teams at Denjin Arcade.


If you are not going to be within a distance where you can hear Dae’s voice for longer than a smoke break, notify the person running the brackets or you will be DQ’d. We’ve had too many problems with people going for food mid tournament without letting anyone know and it stalls the tournament for everyone. Don’t be mad at us if it happens to you. You’ve been warned!!

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Let’s get this shit bumped back up~!

debating whether to go to this now or watch the laker game since its on at 5:30 :confused:

well if they win tomorrow then you should go they will be up 2-0 nothing worry but you never know these first games have been intense!!! :open_mouth:

well the lakers are gonna win soooo…

One character throughout tournament (Due to popular demand, this no longer applies to SF4)

Awesome, were not in japan. Horrible rule :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways some vegas cats will be in the area, anyone want some SF4 mm’s? let me know! thanks

I just do what the people want. Will be glad to see you there!

You’re a good man <3!

Wait… the blog says the ranbat is on the 24th of may. it already happened?

^ya there was a change in schedule. sundays were not a good day for denjin ranbats so it was changed to saturday sorry if you missed it because of that. come next saturday on the 30th for the next ranbat. It will be the last ranbat of the season so definitely come to that one