DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.4 3s and SF4 Saturday 5/9

No more sunday tournaments :wink:

SBO quals is almost a month away, so now is crunch time to get as much practice in as possible!

Current 3s Standing:
1) 5 Star 27
2) Vinny 13
3) Sextaro 12
4) Renic 8
5) Amir 7
5) Gootecks 7
6) Bebop 5
7) let blood run 4
8) ericxchin 2
8) Tom C 2
8) misterbean 2
9) Joe Dubbs 1
9) Kai 1
9) Sanchez 1
9) Rob Greco 1

Current SF4 Standing:
1) Sextaro 15
2) Ed Ma 10
2) Sin 10
2) Ironfist 10
3) Gootecks 9
4) Art 8
5) UltraDavid 7
6) CSB 5
7) Kai 3
7) Bebop 3
7) Bustabust 3
8) Joey aka “The BOSS” 2
8) Mike Ross 2
8) Amir 2
9) Tatsu 1
9) Dae 1
9) misterbean 1
9) Jeremy 1

SF4 and 3s Rules
Best of 3 games
Double Elimination
One character throughout tournament (NEW RULE)
For 3s, Judgment is in play

For SF4
Sign ups at 4 PM, Tournament begins at 5 PM
For 3s
Sign ups at 6 PM, Tournament begins at 7 PM
$5 Entry

50% of entry fees are donated to sponsor the SBO qualified teams at Denjin Arcade.


If you are not going to be within a distance where you can hear Dae’s voice for longer than a smoke break, notify the person running the brackets or you will be DQ’d. We’ve had too many problems with people going for food mid tournament without letting anyone know and it stalls the tournament for everyone. Don’t be mad at us if it happens to you. You’ve been warned!!

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

will denjin be opened at 11 this time?

that was a mistake, back to normal saturday sign up times

Count me in for that dae…

All Dae Every Dae

man that shit is old. the only dae joke that doesnt get old is gae. haha j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao true but its still funny cause dae is gae all dae every dae

hey so i never got an answer last time on this: can i play sim one ranbat and then gief in the next, or do i have to stick with one character over the whole ranbat season?

i believe one char per tournament (not limited to one char per season)

when can i place an order for a damn denjin jersey, that shit would be sickkkkk


man i gotta win this tournament now! the jersey… its calling me…

Why? Sorry, but this rule makes absolutely no sense.

we’re simply following the old school rules (ffa glory days). to my understanding, we always enforced a one character rule (amir sticking w/ denjin ryu for the entire tournament :pray::pray:).

i understand some people may disagree due to matchup purposes but cmon people, have more faith in your character :cybot::smokin: and do people really have a sub character that is just as good as their main? (with the exception of edma but he don’t give a fuck)

I’m going to kill you and Bustabust one dae!

Yea, but those old school rules were strictly enforced over 3s, and SF4 isn’t 3s. These are two completely different games, where match ups have much more of a bearing.

Also, my Bison is just as good as my Vega, and my Sim is getting there. :wink:

Oh ship Bebop welcome to the Sim army
Also I will be there!!

Im sorry but i dont think you have the steedy hands or Technology to do that!!! Busta and I arent humans!!!

Better represent gief Dae this saturday on remix!!!

Damn, don’t think I’ll be making this one. Celebrating Mother’s Day a day early due to other plans =/

Good luck to all players!