DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.2 HD Remix 4/11 RESULTS (HD Match Videos)

Total 13 Entrants. The whole tournament was recorded in HD and videos will be available soon.

Thanks to everyone that showed up! Thanks for putting this on & congrats Cesar!

4/11 Results

  1. MonGoloRoboKop (Cesar) - 10
  2. EA meGamAN - 7
  3. UltraDavid - 5
  4. SweetJV (SweetJohnnyV) - 3
  5. Amir - 2
  6. Plague - 2
  7. Sanchez - 1
  8. Dae - 1

Current Standings

  1. MonGoloRoboKop (Cesar) - 15
  2. Amir - 12
  3. EA meGamAN - 10
  4. Sin - 7
  5. SweetJV (SweetJohnnyV) - 5
  6. UltraDavid - 5
  7. Plague - 3
  8. Dae - 3
  9. Moocus - 1
  10. Sanchez - 1

GGs everyone! I had a lot of fun yesterday.

The entire tournament was recorded in HD and the matches are all available on YouTube. The bracket attached has numbers for each match. Use these numbers when browsing the YouTube play list to find a specific match.

DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.2 HD Remix 4/11 HD Video Playlist


I still win against you!! 360~ for LIFE!

I :lovin: DAE! GGs yesterday man! Next time, no 360 for you! :lol:

I’d love to see what you could do if you actually practiced this game!

someone teach me how to play this god damn game!

ha i would teach you vinny but i just do bullshit and somehow win O.o… woot im in 6th!!

wow thanks for posting result megaman i slept all day was mega tired but i had tons of fun!!!

Thanks MegaMan, SweetJV, for bringing setup and buying the sc cord i love you guys!!! GG’s Ultra david that stick is fucking bad ass lol Dae dude buy a 360 please so you can play with us and you gief can get godly!!!

Anyways thanks everyone for coming down again another one in the bag!!! 1.2 Down 1.3!!! here we come!!

PS. Vinny i would be happy to teach you man i love ST just let me know what type of character you want to learn shoto? charge? 360 character? or like sim

No problem dude! I figured you were either asleep or with family.

Anyway, great games yesterday. I’ll get that little bitch of yours yet. :lol:

Great to meet you Mad Grab! I’m glad you came out.

The vids are all up, enjoy guys! Next time I’m just going to record the whole set as one video, so it will have minimal impact on the match.

i’ll teach you remix if you teach me how to not suck at 3s. deal, sweet.

Hey, guys.

You guys usually just post in the Tournament Forums when you guys hold the HD Remix RanBats? Or do you guys have a mailing list or anything? I’m definitely interested in getting in on some of the action.

  • James

We usually just post in the Tournament Forums. It’s every two weeks either Saturday or Sunday. I believe the next one is on the 26th. But next Saturday there’s a Pre-Devastation event at Denjin, which includes HD Remix, so you should come for that.

We’d love to have you, I hope you make it!

GGs to everyone! As always, I had a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next one.

And yeah James, come on out!

Good shit, EA! Keep it up, dude! Great matches, everyone.

:sad: I miss arcades so much. Next time I’m in cali I am definitely dropping by!

When you are let us know so we can come out and hang.

Someone should write a book about this confusion, because it happens to me all the time.

By next Saturday, you mean this Saturday? The 18th? I may just have to stop on by. :slight_smile:

  • James

On the 18th, there’s a warm-up tournament for Devastation at Denjin. HDR will be played. You can read about it here.

The next HDR ranbat will either be the 25th or the 26th. Not sure which yet…

Congrats to Cesar on the win and running the show!

ea meGaman, that last match was close, could have gone either way.

It was fun even tho, I went 0-2. Damn the 3S crowd is so hyphy,
we need to get some more ST heads.

i’ve been letting the decent players i’ve come across on xbl in socal know about the ranbats and offered to let them carpool.

if all of you don’t mind me adding your gamertags, that would be great. in the off chance that my internet isn’t being hogged, it’d be nice to get matches in where i’m not rewarded for mindlessly rushing down.

and thanks for organizing all of this! seriously you guys are awesome.

Yea thank for everyone for coming to these i love running them and SweetJV and EAmegaman help out alot!!!

James the next ranbat will be on the 26th of april hope to see you there man!!!

and moocus thanks for the word of mouth its coo your telling peeps online to come check us out!!! Best Competition in socal baby!!