DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.1 3s and SF4 3/28

3s (38 entrants)
1 Sextaro
2 5 Star
3 Amir
4 Vinny
5 ericxchin
5 Tom C
7 let blood run
7 renic

SF4 (58 entrants)
1 Ed Ma
2 Gootecks
3 Sextaro
5 Joey aka "The BOSS"
5 Mike Ross
7 Art
7 Bustabust

WOW! Awesome turnout!

Special thank yous to everyone who contributed to making this a huge success. In particular, thank you to Dae, Yi, Bean, and Eric Chin.

Cheers to everyone who drove a long way to make it out. I know denjin is a bit far for many people, but everyone was committed, and we kicked the season off with a bang.

To 3s fans, 3s is back. Keep a look out for those vids, we have a special surprise commentator making a rare comeback performance.

Also anyone who likes wolverine more than cyclops is not allowed in the next ranbat.

sarah has no friends

that is why i love her. NO FRIENDS

damn i missed out, my car was in the shop oh well i’ll see ya’ll at Bar Fights to those who are going

Ken is a beast.

Big turnout hosted many great matches
tatsu v gilley was a classic
blackpyro v bustabust was intense
can’t wait till the next ranbat
oh and of course…BARFIGHTS!!

gotta make it to one of these before i deploy shit looks too hype

wow huge turnout, thanks for everyone that came and made the first ranbat at denjin a success.


DSO - good shit man, glad to finally meet you.

Tatsu - our match was fun :slight_smile: we gotta get some more games in though.

black pyro - man that match was scary. thanks for letting me have an awesome first match. also our talk / tips and stuff was cool. glad to finally meet/play you.

ken i - ugh rufus match sucks ass. i need to get more games in with you

haq - shit was close in 3s, i actually had fun in the 3s tourney lol.

joe dubbs - gg’s man, super close.

keno - gg’s man, finally got to play you. “im gonna give you a little taste” pre bar fights hype! lol

jeesup / tingboy / bryant / shgl / everyone - it was good to see you guys again. you guys made it fun haha :slight_smile:

Does Vinny play SF4 at all?

the drive was definitely worth it. thanks to pherai and bean for being so chill. unfortunately i couldn’t stay for the end…

lesson learned from last night: don’t bring your girlfriend.

GG’s to everyone, i really didn’t play well.
I’d REALLY like to thank our surprise guest for coming back and doing commentary, it was my motivation for making top 8!
i try to play sf4, but 3S>SF4

thats his way of saying he is a noob at sf4. LoL j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: and good shit to all placers

I sense a Rockefeller in the midsts!

Goooood shit to everyone. Had lots of fun in SF4, but I was pretty damn horrible in 3S last night. Looking forward to next ranbat for more hype.

Shoutouts to everyone I played, and damn you Busta for knocking me out of 3S.

P.S. All Dae everydae!

Ken Ma


Ed used akuma all tourny

GGs everyone

man, you guys are getting some crazy turnouts for your SF4 ranbats … 50+ … wow!

are you playing console or arcade version now?

good job on the results! balrog army powered by gootecks!!!

the tournament was on arcade.

ggs to everyone I played. And damn you Yi for not making a single unforced error in our first round match. How the hell do you not give me a something to punish in eight whole rounds when you just start playing the game?

ggs everybody, go Team Ken I Avatars/Team Ed and the Masters/Team My Ken Is Better!!!

oh and the surprise 3s guest…HOLY FUCK!