DENJIN ARCADE 3s/MvC3 Tournament 4/23

3s (16 entrants)

  1. Pyrolee (YU)
  2. Red Venom (OR)
  3. NG Marc (UR)
  4. EricxChin (YU)
  5. Pherai (GO)
  6. Bean (YU)
  7. Ironfist (DU)
  8. CJ (DU)


Will add results later…

3s top 8 was recorded but quality is not that great so may not get uploaded.

Thanks for coming out guys!

GGs…James getting hungry in 3s

yeah ggs…

hopefully its not too long before the next tourney.

P.S. Where is ST bagrat!!!? Hohohoo

Could you maybe at least upload grand finals? I’d really like to see Red Venom’s Oro… D:

Grand Finals has some serious problems, but there are two sets of him playing against NG Marc that turned out pretty well which may get uploaded.

its perfect because the finals i get super raped failing to parry every shoulder… but upload my other sick matches(that i win) tho