Demon Hyo and IFC Yipes vs the WORLD @ EVO2006

(I deleted the thread due to some earlier disputes that occured, but everything is cleared up now.) Therefore, the bet is still on!


Demon Hyo and IFCYipes will be taking any 2 v 2 challenges for money in MvC2

It’ll be single game format type deal where for example let’s say:

demon hyo/yipes plays vrs vietkhan/remix

demon hyo vrs vietkhan and say demon hyo wins then the next match will be

demon hyo vs remix and if demon hyo wins that game then team demon hyo/yipes wins the money match.

Any team of any two players is welcome to participate in this match excluding wong and sanford (OR ANY COMBINATION OF SANFORD/xxx and/or WONG/xxxx)

other money match challenges: I will be staking any bet of Yipes or Brandon vrs any challengers that would like to face either of them in a First to 3 all the way up to a First to 10 for any amount of money (obviously the larger the set then the wager must be larger because more time is being used up).
I am willing to offer handicaps for demon hyo and yipes such as: demon hyo can use some of his other teams that aren’t as fearful to the average MvC2 competitor like his Cammy team or his santhrax/scrub. Also, Yipes can use his Mag/Storm/Warmachine or his scrub, etc.

So go ahead and place your bets fellas, i’ll also be taking sidebets on each match if you happen to be in the vicinity of the events and are willing to put some money where your mouth is!


We already have plenty of contenders so far featuring players like:

Potter, Dues, the rest of the dips Chunksta, Taiji, and about 5 other players that posted, so keep the challanges coming!

P.S In case any of you didn’t know, all of these money matches will happen on FRIDAY of EVO vegas. We chose Friday because it’s the best day for us since we don’t have to play Mvc2 on that day due to qualifying at evo east. So if you’re not playing in any of your pools for your game at a certain time, then feel free to step up for your challange.


Let’s get this money!

How much are you two willing to put up?

I <3 Hype =dddddddddddd!!!

i’m in definately.

play time has…ENDED!!

We have a great amount of takers, but I’m sure we can get more. Come on you brave souls, who else willing to step up against the killaz of the east coast?

ill side bet my lunch on these 2 killas

dont know about mvc2…that game is too insane for me…but ill be willing to in cvsnk2 and tekken

We don’t play any of those games seriously, so this is for only Mvc2.

I’m down, hows about two of me :wink: on my team

DarkPrince/Reset bet it $75 a person

lol@ killaz of eastcoast…fuk outta here thas pu ssy play justin or sanford get your fukin money ran out your pocket quicker than u can fukin count up 2 r…1…2…3 u lost all your money…much respect to yipes tho cuz i know he wouldnt care…but u cant call urself a killa

West Coast needs to revive itself and make the rivalry better

I’ll cover the whole bet.

DarkPrince, I just talked to Reset and he said he’ll do it. Yo, for this amount of money how about we make this 2 out of 3?

justin, sanford, yipes, brandon, erik… top 5 marvel players in teh world… puts up flame sheild

ya 2 out of 3 is fine

Ok, it’s a deal.

D.HYO- yo g hows about your cammy team against my boy’z cammy best 2 out of 3 $20 for that match

and after that me and you 2 out of 3 $20 bucks again

and then you n yipes vs me for $30 best 3 out of 5, only kick here is that if i be ya both you both you give $30 buck each, if i lose i pay $30 and you both can split it. i say this cause i just started playin again :wink:


shooots bro