Demon flip to air grab?

Is it just me or does it seem like the spacing has to be JUST right for it to actually grab? Whenever i try to do this in battle i usually end up doing an air counter right on top of their head lol.

if you’re getting the air counter, you’re doing it wrong.

When you screw up demon flip grab, you should just be whiffing (you missed) or sweeping (you did it too late)

is it possible to demon flip grab a crouching opponent?


Compared to Akuma, I would actually say that Gouken’s Demon Grab is already quite lenient IMO. I don’t try to shoot Gouken right above their heads, I usually space his Demon Flips so that I’m more on their upper-corners, just in front, but still above the person to land my Demon Grabs and it lands pretty consistently

Like has already been stated, if you’re getting the counter instead of the grab, you did the input wrong.

The spacing is quite lenient.

Maybe i have a defective button, i’ll have to check.

I think it has more range horizontally than vertically, yeah.