Delta Red recruit training thread xbl/Psn matches

(i looked and couldnt find a thread. If one is found please let me know so i can close this) This is a thread for all newcomers who are looking for help with cammy. I’m also hoping other cammys with exp will help train in this thread as well. Also all questions can be answered here to cut down unless threads (even though we have a cammy discussion thread for it…)

Tutors: Maxwell 755, steinmania

Tutors steinmania
Recruits: lenniwinkz

i tutor xbox live maxwell 755, by request only current talking to two cammy players

I’m up for tutoring. I kinda sorta have access to xbl, psn, and pc.

Steinmania for both psn and xbl. PM me for PC gt.

hey stein, definitely would love to play with ya and learn.
ill add you when i can get online; psn is lenniwinkz
im EC right now though so i hope it isn’t too much of a problem…

I’m socal, so it might be bad. haha we’ll see. add me on psn and I’ll try to help you out. worst comes to worst I’ll critique your replays/upload them to youtube.

I’m not sure if this is around. But I decided to bring this back for any newcomers looking to learn.

if this is clutter please delete

I just joined the forums and was recommended to give Cammy a shot since she is close to a few other fighters in other games that I play. I could always be up for some help learning her. I hope I am not rezing a dead thread. My gt on xbl is UsedtobeZylem. Thanks for the help.

ill help out with cammy training if a few people want. Im in chi so add me on xbl :KillacammyLV. If you dont take criticism well then this probably wont work. Just send me a message and ill add you.

Haitian_akuma PSN. i’m in Orlando Florida. I’d love to get good enough to enter the big time Orlando tournament.