Deleting Friends - will they know?

Do people know when you’ve deleted them? It says when you delete someone that you yourself will be deleted off of their list. will they get a prompt saying ‘you’ve been deleted’ or something?

No. Delete away.

Unless you’re the only friend they have and they notice that you’re not on their friend list any more. Hearts will be broken </3

^^ lol

Your ex-friends will get an automatic PSN message giving them your home address and phone number tho. Don’t do it…

Heheheh, that’s gold.

hahahahaha… epic!

I just delete people when they play just a few games with me and then we never play again or i send invites to play together and they don’t give a shit about it, so i prefer to have a small but solid friendlist.

delete away, just delete the ones you hardly have any activity with. I’ve deleted some friends and bumped into them online in a game but never said anything.

To be honest I stop taking friend request from people I don’t know. It kind of makes me feel obligated to play them just because they got beat by me. Also I just don’t have time to take every invite people give me.

they’ll know when they don’t see your name on their buddy list.