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I guess that $8.95 wasn’t good enough.

Also, I put this in FGD instead of GD bc I wanted to talk about this in relation to esports and fighting games

It has no relation to eSports or fighting games. It has everything to do with one guy and his decision to commit fraud. Relating this strictly to eSports or to fighting games is like relating Marn’s gambling problems to everyone else in the FGC.

Now, if it turns out that like half the eSports team managers are involved in this, THEN there’s a connection.

Also, this has as much reason to be in FGD as an article about Bayonetta.

Who the fuck is Dmitry Smileyanets?

Marn has gambling problems?

Once money gets into the mix stuff like this is going to happen, it’s similar to people splitting the prize pot at a major.


Also the term esports annoys me for some reason.

mmmmmmm. i love seeing my tax dollars spent on killing esports

Yea, you’re right.

Someone lock this please.

That’s time honored tradition of the fgc. That has been around since the 3s days.

You realize they don’t pot split at esports evens right? The last people who got caught doing it were banned. Pot splitting is almost FGC exclusive now.