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Sounds like you’re really, really burnt out on gaming in general. You probably need a few months break. I’ve been burnt out with fighting games before, but after playing other genres competitively I start to crave the mind games and complexity of fighting games. Being burnt out could also be the biggest reason for lack of progress. There was a time in my street fighter career where I played regularly for 2 months and didn’t improve at all, the frustration of losing was greater than the thrill of winning. I stopped playing for a few months and came back more motivated than ever and I’m still playing competitively now. I don’t know why I got burnt out but I know the break certainly helped. Watching higher level gameplay also helped because it REALLY motivated me to get better.

I dunno, maybe I’m just different than you. I always kind of know that I’ll never fall out with fighting games no matter how frustrated or burnt out I can get at times. I stopped playing MK9 half way through its life but I knew in a year or a few years I’d be playing the next addition in the series competitively and sure enough when injustice dropped I dived into it and got extremely competitive. Alternatively you could try other fighting games? That usually helps revitalize your love for your main fighting game.

The root of your problem sounds deeper than fighting games though, I’d say you just need a break from gaming in general. If you’re like most fighting game players which I assume you are (700 hours played is dedication) then you’ll get withdrawal symptoms eventually.

It’s always sad seeing a fellow fighting game player hang up his gloves. Here’s hoping this isn’t the end and you’ll get your spark back in time. Either way, best of luck to you man.

Been playing A LOT less than when I first bought it in 2012. I’ve put in between 600 to 700 hours though (closer to 700 hours). Returned to the series after an entire generation away from the franchise. I’ll miss it again soon I reckon. DOA5 was my other choice, but I opted for Tag Tournament 2. I did take a month away from it recently though. I don’t play games nearly as much as I used to, drop in fairly regularly, play for a few hours and then don’t know when I’ll be back.

Just atm, the frustration of stagnation/demotions has outweighed anything this game has to offer. Don’t see myself starting another fighter any time soon, unless DOA5 goes dirt cheap.

BTW, cool Venom pic bro

EDIT: Still a jokes game with friends though

If gaming is over for now (in general) then at least my gaming rig is fit and ready for other uses (built it to also handle entertainment and video editing so it’s not like it’s a waste if it doesn’t game :D)

and yet another thread about how necrotic turtle is done with tekken. please if ANY new players were to come into the tekken forums of SRK, the last thing they would assume about the forums is that they were helpful seeing as how many threads you have started about your endless struggle with tekken