Delaware Doritos Weekly Compiled Results - UMVC3

3/30/2012 Delaware Doritos Weekly #2 “The Hunger Games”

Results UMVC3:

1st - Nas
2nd - Hitman GFX
3rd - Boog
4th - Kei
5th -Nick Nasty
5th - Cosmic
7th - sixshot
7th - Dsynct

Nas runs away with Wesker, but more importantly runs away with the Doritos. I reset in Grand Finals, but lose the final set. Boog with the troll team in 3rd place…Didn’t know you had a Felicia man…Oh wait, you don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news, Dsynct is caught eating Pringles and is called out. WE DON’T EAT PRINGLES IN DELAWARE!

3/23/2012 Delaware Doritos Weekly #2 “We do it for DORITOS!”

1st - Tickleme David (Dante/Vergil/Hawkeye)
2nd - Hitman GFX (Wolvie/Taskmaster/Amaterasu)
3rd - Cosmic Castaway (Viper/Dante/Strider)
4th - Cot Damn! (Wesker/Spencer/Ryu)
5th - Angry Guy of DE (Tron Team, Felicia Team…damn, sorry, forgot the others!)
5th - Kei (Cap Am/Spencer/IM)
7th - Boog (She-Hulk/Doom/Wolverine) <-this better change next week, man! ; _ ;

Tickleme David resets the Grand Finals against me 3-2, then takes home the bag of Doritos 3-1 in the final set. Good shit!

Tournament started as an excuse to try out the Bracketpro app and keep people rotating turns and it turned in some pretty hype matches (or at least as hype as 10 guys can get in a basement). Wish we could have gotten Kei vs Boog recorded at least…That shit was crazy!

Interested in getting in on the action? Say hello in the Delaware Thread:

Admission is free.

First place prize is a bag of Doritos. Second place prize is the feeling of knowing you came oh-so-close to having a bag of Doritos and that you’ll get the job done next time. This is a good way to get tournament experience to help shake off the nerves at bigger events, as well as matches with a variety of people.

that shit cray…gameface next time!!

Updated with the results from 2nd weekly, aka “The Hunger Games”

DE Doritos Weekly 3 Results

1st: Hitman GFX
2nd: Nas
3rd: Cosmic_Castaway
4th: Dcint
5th: Pat
5th: Sixshot

Delaware Doritos Weekly 4 Results

1st: Nas
2nd: Hitman GFX
3rd: Yojimbo
4th: Dcint
5th: David
5th: Ryan
7th: Sixshot
7th: Chris
9th: Cosmic_Castaway
9th: Angry Guy

Delaware Doritos Weekly 5 Results

1st- Nas
2nd- GFX
3rd- Boog
4th- Dcint
5th- Darrion
5th- Sixshot
7th- Cosmic
7th- Nick Nasty

Delaware Doritos Weekly 6 Results

1st - Boog
2nd - Cosmic
3rd - Nas
4th - Nick
5th - HItman
5th - Angry Guy
7th - T-Pain
7th - Rick Strokes
9th - Sixshot

Delaware Doritos Weekly 7 Results

1st - Cosmic
2nd - Nas
3rd - Boog
4th - Z3ROJustice
5th - Angry Guy
5th - HitmanGFX
7th - Rick Strokes
7th - Sixshot
9th - MonkeyStomp
9th - Beat

Delaware Doritos Weekly 8 Results

1st- HitmanGFX
2nd- ticklemeDavid
3rd- Angry Guy
4th- Elk
5th- Cosmic
5th- Dion
7th- Dess
7th- Dcint
9th- Curtis
9th- Nas
9th- Frolicious

Delaware Doritos Weekly 9 Results

1st - Nas of Winterfell
2nd - Cosmic
3rd - HitmanGFX
4th - Boog
5th - Dcint
5th - RickStrokes
7th - Sixshot (Curtis)

Delaware Doritos Weekly 10 Results

1st - Boog
2nd - Nas of Winterfell
3rd - HitmanGFX
4th - Dcint
5th - Cosmic
5th - Sixshot

Delware Doritos Weekly 11 Results

1st - Nas
2nd - Boog
3rd - Cosmic
4th - Hitman
5th - Angry
5th - Dcint
7th - Beat
7th - Curtis

Delaware Doritos Weekly 12 Results
1st - Nas
2nd - Boog
3rd - Cosmic
4th - Dcint
5th - Sixshot
5th - HitmanGFX
7th - Chris Kent
7th - Angry Guy
9th - Jay
9th- RickStrokes

1st- Nas (Mitsuru)
2nd- Boog (Chie)
3rd- Cosmic (Yu)
4th- Angry Guy
5th- Dangle
5th- Dcint
7th- Chris Kent
7th- Sixshot