Simple question: What does it mean? You can hear it pretty often yelled after some player did something sick, so it’d be interesting to know what it means.
Maybe someone can solve the mystery? :sweat:

“Dekiru” is a verb meaning “to be able [to do something].” For example, “Oh shit, he can do the Makoto 100% stun!”

Dekiru shit thread.

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kimi ni nanimo dekinai ^^

Please share the english.

You can’t do anything~

everyone quick pretend that you know japanese although you don’t



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“Dekiru” means to be able (to do something) in japanese.

However in the japanese 3s community it means something like: Great! / Sick! / OWNAGE! / BEYOND GODLIKE!

Don’t say “dekiru!” to random japanese people that don’t play 3s; they won’t understand and will probably think you’re nuts.

There’s actually a lot of japanese slang that is only in the Japanese 3s community.

chi chi oppai …

i win , fuck you all

I’m not exactly fluent or anything, but in my experience in studying Japanese, “dekiru” actually sort of has the same connotation in everyday language. ii/dekiru/yaru (+ jyan) all kind of have the same meaning and are more or less interchangable in that context.

Domo arigatou gosaimasu ! :angel: :wgrin:

Thanks for some of the responses in this thread. I’d been wondering about that–I asked my friends and they said “dekiru” doesn’t make any sense at all in the context I gave. Makes sense that 3s would have some idiom unique to its community.

Also, can anyone explain what “Iyo?” means?

And why do the announcers sneeze when someone wins. (“Atchoo!” Sorry, but that’s what it sounds like to me.)

Haha, if we all keep asking, there is ONE thing I wanna know:

In SBO2 when Pyro won the first round vs PinoAB7, the commentator said something like Pyrolee Fumè or whatever…

lol…I remember “Oishi~!”

lol…it means delicious, but 5 Star would use it when he saw something sick :rofl:

you mean 5star would use it when he saw something dekiru