Definition of a scrub?

I want to know what the definition of a “scrub” is.

a) someone who you can beat (ex: Justin is a scrub to Daigo)

b) someone who doesnt understand a game to a certain extent

c) someone who uses “cheap tactics” to win

d) its just a word used to get talk shit and get people angry. It has no real meaning.:rolleyes:

e) your own definition (please elaborate)

The few times i have gone to arcades and tournaments i have seen and heard top players calling other players scrubs.

Please help me I am a newb and I would like to point people to this thread whenever I hear someone use the word scrub in the wrong context. :annoy:

Urban dictionary - in online gaming circles, refers to somebody who is not inexperienced but not very good at it. Also used in Magic the Gathering, as a derogatory term for a player who is inferior to you.

This should become the UNIVERSAL MEANING of the word scrub. Again I am a noob, please help. Thanks:tup:

You want a universal meaning to what is pretty much a slang term? Here you go: scrub - definition of scrub by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

For a serious answer, the closest you get is either “A worse player” or Sirlin’s definition: Game Design, Psychology, Flow, and Mastery - Playing to Win Book - Intermediate?sGuide

A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly and is also known as a buster. He’s always talking about what he wants, but just sits on his broke ass. soz

This has been discussed before…

B, part of C, D, and E.

B because Scrubs lose because they don’t understand the game, but also are too stubborn to learn it and admit they are doing it wrong. They blame the game, or characters, or players themsevles, but never do they say “Hmm I need to practice.”

Part of C because only Scrubs use the word “cheap” apparently. I always used the word cheap but never meant it like “WELL THIS MOVE IS CHEAP THEREFORE YOU HAVE NO SKILL!” I personally just feel that some moves have way too many advantages over others. Does it make me a scrub? I dunno I guess, im learning how to get around them though.

D because scrubs themselves, as well as some “higher level players” use the word way too much to describe anyone who has no idea about the game. Even noobs such as yourself and myself who ask legitimate questions will sometimes get shut down by “pros” who call us scrubs because they THINK they are good but they aren’t Which in turn makes them scrubs too. Just cuz you’ve been playing since ST doesn’t mean you can’t be a scrub in IV.

TLDR; Overall it was a term coined by game players to define noobs who talk shit and blame the game rather than the noobs own lack of skill.

I always say it’s someone who thinks they’re good but, they aren’t. They usually make excuses when they lose.

Alright thats exactly what i was looking for.

It just seems that people who are always going to tournaments and are continually part of the community use the word against anyone they want anytime they want and the players who are lower believe it without question. Thats why i wanted to know the Universal Definition of it. Thanks.

A = wrong
B = wrong
C = wrong again. There is no such thing as cheap.
D = wrong again…
E =

Do I win a prize?

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Too bad what “you think” doesnt apply here huh.:rofl:

OH SNAP!!! You just got scrubbed out. :rofl: No but seriously. I like to consider myself a good SSFIV player. I win a lot more than I lose so…I don’t know. I’ve had ppl call me a scrub and they barely make it out of the match as the winner. I think it probably has different meanings, but to me it just means that someone thinks that they’re so cool to win a match on SF from their grandmother’s basement that they have to use that word since they probably don’t get the chance to use it in any significant way in life because they probably suck at life but maybe not SF. That’s what it means to me. If I’m going to refer to someone as a scrub I just politely tell them good game and you should probably train and complete some trials.

Dammit you beat me to it.

Yes there is… funnily enough he actually explains that in the article you just linked.