Defending teleport-assisted cross-ups online

I ALWAYS get beaten out by a lockdown assist from one side and an attack (mostly but not always after a teleport) from the other. An example of this would be Ammy’s cold-star assist, then teleport to the other side with Wesker or Virgil and attack. Or Iron Fist flying kick assist and wolverine berserker slash.

My problem is, which direction to block and when. Obviously I’ll start guarding away from the Ammy assist (left, if i’m facing right), but when I see the teleport I’m still blocking away from Ammy (towards the point character) however i’m still blocking the cold star. However once the point character starts attacking i seem to get blown up. Sometimes on reaction, I block right before the point character starts attacking but still get blown up and probably lose that character.

My question is, when do I change the direction of my guard to block this strategy 100% of the time? If I start guarding towards the assist as soon as the teleport starts, won’t I start getting hit by the assist?
All this being said is obviously irrespective of high/low mixups.

Also, any tips on attacks that appear to hit from both sides at once, such as the cross-up Berserker Slash, flying kick combination mentioned above.

Here’s how you do it: don’t play online.

No, seriously don’t play online if you don’t want to get hit by that. Why? You can be blocking perfectly and still get hit by it because of lag, lag spikes, dropped inputs, etc. One common example: You do a mixup that the opponent has very few frames to react to. Let’s say call magneto beam + very fast teleport and let’s say you have 20 frames to react to it. Let’s say you react to it perfectly but there’s 1/2 second of lag. Well guess what, you’re getting hit by the mixup since you can’t physically react fast enough to it and you just have to guess.

There’s lag online, so even when you do block right you still get hit a lot.

If anything, you should always block based on where the point character is.

Ok thanks. so a big part the problem is lag. But if I were playing offline, when is the earliest time I can switch my guard direction?

Ok cheers INH.



you can’t do anything if you have certain characters like Arthur. Teleporters like dante and vergil have every conceivable advantage over every character and even if you block it they can just keep going cause you can’t retaliate.
Soooooo if you have certain characters against teleporters, tough

100% impossible online hate to tell you. Its why scrubs use teleporters online and think they’re hot shit, then try to bring it to tournaments and fail miserably. In my book, if you’re on a hot streak online using teleporters + beam assists, its because you’re online. I abuse the living crap out of it and its broken as shit. Offline you can actually block properly. So unfortunately either join the bandwagon or play offline like others have said.


Don’t play online. UMVC3 randomness level goes up 10 stages online. Unsafe moves become safe and safe moves become godlike. Offline is the way to go. Get bodied or body people lagless.