Defeating Push Block

So we all know push block is super strong in this game. If used correctly, you can whiff punish like a mad man with no effort strategically, so you really have to limit yourself when using block strings, especially with the shorter ranged characters like polymar.

Something people might not know about push block though is that it allows you to cancel your attacks way faster than normal. I believe being push blocked may actually cancel the recovery on your attack (for certain on a lot of specials like karas’s uppercut), so it’s only really dangerous when you whiff a move after being pushed out of range. I think people will probably have to start limiting their attacks to more first hit mix up kind of stuff and save the long strings for combos only.

Another thing I noticed is that if you do something that leaves you in their face after they push block (ie 2C baroque with Karas), you can actually throw them way sooner than normal because of the reduced blockstun.

What are some ways you guys have come up with for getting around push block?

Steve Harrison uses A double jump IAD for a second approach or mixes up to empty IADs =O

i rush that shit down

it depends, sometimes i will baroque a move to avoid the push block, and stay in his shit, or if im coming with ryu or chun, im rushing that shit down with iad medium with chun, and sometimes heavy, because that shit beats shit, or with ryu its just rush down with light and heavy all day.

so either i baroque it if i can, or i just rush that shit down trying to force a mistake if i can. you can play mind games and rush that shit down with ryu, and if you get advanced guarded twice, baroque the second one if you can, and go for a throw, or whatever mixup you want. im sure you have seen it in demons vids, my vids, steve h vids, and others. when chun or ryu is in your shit, they’re in your shit.

advanced guard helps chun actually, im sure it can still get punished, and or maybe i can get away with it on the light version, but her rising leg kick cancels itself out when push blocked, which when it happened, seemed more beneficial for me, but looks can be deceiving.

mix up how you approach, if they’re AG happy vs all your approaches just dash up and grab. epic mindgamez
what I usually do with Karas is rushdown mixing up standing and crouching lights, if i get AG’d i immediately 2C to get back in their face; even the best player will give in under enough pressure

in a karas mirror…5B beats any normal you can do after you get AG’d. So depending on who you’re fighting…you might wanna rethink your strategy.