Deep Thoughts From a Shallow Mind

Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind

You may wonder why I am writing this, to be honest I do not know. Maybe it is a bit of therapy maybe to stimulate discussion, maybe it is to give some insight as to who I really am. These are just my thoughts written down. This is my open forum to all, to post your own thoughts to post something about mine.

I realize this is srk and things like this are generally frowned upon and or flamed but this is something I feel I must do.


What is purpose in life? What is my purpose in life? Thing like this I have not given much thought till recently. What am I sent here to do? What is my goal in life? It was not until recently that I have thought about these things. What is to live with purpose? What is life really without it? How does a man find what is purpose is? This is the quandary before me. It is said a man has to make a choice but what if they do not know what choice to make, how do you find such things? The dictionary defines purpose the reason for which something exist or is done, made or used. Do people need a reason to exist and is there any purpose in that existence. These are things I believe a person must think of and whether he finds it himself or from others. Do people believe in purpose because it gives them a driving force a meaning in life or is it something more. I have seemingly lived without purpose for most of my life and have only recently seemed to wonder what it is. Why so late in my life do I wonder such things, what took me so long. These are things I must find the question is how.

The purpose in life is not always easily found, but it is something we all seem to strive for.

When I saw this thread I pretty much knew what you were going to be talking about before I clicked on it. I would say cool story bro but I just used that phrase so I gotta wait, but to truly respond to your post

Yeah I can’t stand these threads personally, I don’t want to sound mean or anything, but your thoughts aren’t particularly deep or interesting. They’re actually pretty conventional/teenage.

Deeper thought. What happens after you have fulfilled your purpose in life but haven’t died yet?


I think why it took you so long is because you’re bored. I read that it takes like 12 weeks to change habits. Nature…probably not so much, but habits, yeah. I think at whatever point in life, you just felt that, “Hey, maybe this isn’t what I’m supposed to do,” you look at people around you in admiration, respect or even jealousy and you say “Why the fuck aren’t I doing something like that?

Just to derail a bit, me personally I love giving people the benefit of the doubt. Granted the internet has bred idiots by people being inarticulate or people just being happy from being free from the shackles of respect; but often people can surprise you. I think people go out of their way especially to antagonize people just because it’s easier than to understand them and sometimes when I look at people’s facebook photos, you find things about them that humanizes them. Family pictures, pictures of other activities they do and then you kinda realize it’s a bit stupid to stress out over idiots. Then again there are people I do detest so it all works out.


Jae, you are hating why you don’t know what your purpose is because you have ran out of other stuff to randomly hate on. You just need to find more stuff to randomly hate on because running out of stuff to hate has created a void in your life.

Dont tell me you were inspired by Insane Clown Posse’s Miracles video were you?

Insert comment that turns this thread into a religious discussion


Head off to the ol’ junior college and take a class on philosophy. They teach you all the meanings of life.

I could just tell you the answers, but what fun would that be?

Try catching

Discovery Channel - Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking 1x03 The Story of Everything

We all lose perspective. I find calm whenever I allow someone else to adjust my lens from time to time. The answer seems to be both yes and no.

be happy and healthy

For some people, it seems their purpose in life is to stroke their beard and ponder what lifes purpose is.

chuuch…at least his post wasn’t as long winded as the similarly veined one by apoc last year.

You have no purpose in life. Don’t worry though, neither does anyone else.

Your thinking has only scratched the surface and your on teenager’s stage. Your life may not mean anything, actually none’s life does. If you kill yourself now it may affect to nothing but on some people emotions.
I’m very much fine that my life means basically nothing in bigger scale but I live as I want to.
So the conclusion of this very short text is that purpose of life is being happy. Otherwise there’s no point of living. These are just few easy thoughts of mine.

More out of left field:

The mayfly’s sole purpose in life is to mate, and it’s lifespan is only about 1 day… I saw that on some nature show the other day about creatures that swarm and the science behind that behavior…that’s quite depressing if you ask me, and for once it seems humanity got the better deal. They have absolutely nothing else to their existence but to be born, fuck to bring another one into the world…and die. At least we have the capacity to ponder things, have fun, get drunk on occasion and play video games, watch movies/tv, find ways to get as much money as possible in life, etc. The sad thing is that the average human lifespan still seems too short to do everything we want to do. I’d like to have twice or 3 times the normal human life span…just to have that much more fun in my time here. (*and to see further developments in technology and science that are to happen long after I would normally have been dead. Ideally, I’d just like to live at least until the end of the world…to make sure I get to see everything that will happen from now until “the end times”.)

This is like the SRK version of Faust. We have our protagonist, now who will play Mephisto?

mIRC solved it.

writes small dissertation on why that viewpoint is completely asinine to add wood to the pile

then remembers that it’s off-topic and writes a single line to answer jae


Seriously why are people so obsessed with this crap. We’re all organisms that are trying to survive through eating, sex, and battle. Nothing is special. Just complete the above and stop being a whiny little bitch.