Deejay Match up Help

I have read the character Match up thread but I am still having serious trouble with rush down Deejays. His Knee Shot (J. D+LK) seemingly beats my F+MP and FDCA is getting beat by him mashing out cr.+LK. Any help would be appreciated.

the best way against his pressure is to BLOCK.
this is one of his special move where he has advantage so stop trying to counter it.

but here are stuff that you can do:
-U2 on his (its hard but if you can doit then do it)
-while oiled, FBDC (focus back dash cancel) /OR Parry his and combo (ie. FDNC > combo)
-BLOCK his and then ex.rocket.
(and if he start to n.jump or jump.back after, then this pressure is off :))

I think Deejay is one of Hakan’s easier match-ups. Stay back and FADC his slow projectiles to build up your revenge meter. Look to trade with his slow projectiles with hp slide, too. Basically, be patient. On wake-up, Hakan’s is invulnerable to Deejay’s charge kicks (whatever that special is called). Use that to bait him. Get yourself oiled, obviously. THat’s a huge help against j.2+lk. Winning has a lot to do with mastering normals here. You use your normals correctly against Deejay, and you’ll create all kinds of problems for him. is kinda useless against his jump attacks, though.

Lastly, I like to use lk uncrouchable wake-up oil dives against Deejay, but I also know the timing to xx slide his back dashes, when he tries to escape. Huge damage.