Dee Jay FADC possibilities?

I was fooling around with DJ in training just now, trying to get his FADC to do something useful. I just thought I’d share what I got, and see if any of you out there have any opinions or contributions.

Basically, FADC is relatively straightforward off mk sobat or slasher. This means that at the moment, I’ve gotten c.lp> xx mk sobat FADC … After this I have to say my input ability leaves something to be desired, so the longest string I’ve gotten this way is c.lp> xx mk sobat FADC c.lp>c.lp>, which does decent damage and knockdown, but little else.

I presume though that after the FADC you could go into any other combo, no? Technically there’s nothing denying c.lp> c.lp> xx MGU after the FADC? Anyone tried this?

But even if it were possible, would it really be worth it? the FADC from mk sobat is hard enough to link up into subsequent hits, and the damage scaling really starts hurting the damage. I always think of the easy 289 dmg from c.lp> xx EX MGU, EX sobat, which also takes two stocks and is easier than my sister to input.

So my question is, when do you use FADC, apart from just setting up throws during a blockstring? Is DJ just a character who doesn’t use FADC?

You can get a crumple off of ex air slasher. However, because you’re comboing into ultra off of fadc, you’re going to hit scaling. Still breaks 500 dmg probably off this combo probably tho.

j.hp,, xx ex air slasher, fadc (lvl 2), climax beat

Most of the dmg comes from the fact that you’re hitting a j.hp, and tho instead of doing, c.lp, c.lp, which is a scaling nightmare.

Honestly i prefer to hold my bars to try these things:

  • Ex upkicks
  • Ex Maxout’s after bnb
  • Sobat cancel
  • Ex mgu -> dash - u2
  • Ex sobat to punish fireballs
  • Super

imo i dont really think fadc is really needed for deejay they seem more valuable for ex moves becuz why fadc when you could jab jab exmgu exdread and still have another bar, and exupkick for reversals.

/thread lol

i’d rather save my meter but

if you want you could combo into a fireball then fadc sweep, for the extra stun . . .maybe

i feel there is no need to really fadc.

Dee jay can do:
Jump in hp, s hp x air slasher fadc hp
jump in hp, s hp x air slasher fadc s mk, c lp, c mp xx ex air slasher xx ex dread kicks or whatever finisher u want

I only use my meter for full screen EX Air Slashers. I just keep throwing regular A.S. until i build 1 stock, then BAM! EX in your FACE! They never see it coming.

I’ve won multiple local tournaments using this strategy.


you can FADC lk sobat… and then back dash.

if you hit land a lk sobat and know your opponent like to tech every wakeup then fadc ambiguous cross up.

any reason to use mgu fadc or does the scaling rule it out?

MGU forces a stand. if you FADC off MGU and manage to link the cr.lp you can go into cr.lp > xx mk upkick, mk upkick juggle since you KNOW they will be standing.
MGU only counts as one hit as long as you don’t mash for the followups. Try to keep the combo short before the MGU though… cr.lp > xx mgu FADC cr.lp > xx mk upkick, mk upkick instead of doubling up on the jabs
Trying it this morning the timing was VERY tight to land a followup. I’ve only been able to get to hit and even that is sporadic for me. It’s probably a combination of slow FADC input and the wonky dash. Anybody know the frame advantage after MGU FADC?

Today I was fucking with FierceMGU+Mash>FADC>whatever.

I was able to link just about every one of Deejays normals off of Mashed Fierce MGU, other than roundhouse. Including and
I’m gonna fuck with it some more later on, but I dunno. Seems like EX AS to EX SK is just a fuck ton easier and less risky if you fuck up.

^ however, EX AS to EX SK. barely works on some characters.